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South-Central University for Nationalities
Wuhan, Hubei (CN)
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June 07 2018
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South-Central University for Nationalities (SCUN), founded in 1951, is a comprehensive university under the direct administration of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. It is located by the beautiful South Lake of Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei Province and the home to the renowned Yellow Crane Tower. Now SCUN is jointly-funded and built by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Ministry of Education and the provincial government of Hubei and is evaluated as “National First-Class University” in Hubei province.

Taking “High quality, Characteristic disciplines, Talent Competitiveness and Ethnic Distinctiveness” as its guiding principles, South-Central University for Nationalities attracts students from the 56 ethnic groups all over the country and now has more than 27,000 full-time students at different levels ranging from colleges’ preparatory students, undergraduates, masters to doctor candidates, 60 percent of whom are from ethnic minorities. SCUN attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality and creativity, aiming to help students improve their ability in scientific research and thus develop into talents with international vision. The school motto “Firm in Faith; Eager for Learning; Following the nature and Living in harmony” has inspired students from different ethnic groups to work hard for a better future for themselves as well as for the country. Thanks to the hark work of the teachers and students, SCUN has made great academic achievements in recent years, with ethnology, chemistry and pharmacy having been listed as “National First-Class Discipline” in Hubei province while chemistry ranking in the top 1% globally according to Essential Science Indicator and ethnology ranking the third nationally in the fourth round of discipline evaluation in China. SCUN has always been committed to expanding cultural and academic exchanges and joint-programs with other universities from abroad, regularly selecting outstanding teachers and students to go abroad for further studies or academic research. At present, SCUN has established long-term friendship in exchange and cooperation with about 50 universities from a dozen of countries and areas.

A university cannot develop and achieve its success without a talent pool, which is the most important key in building up a first-class university. Therefore, SCUN has been making continuous efforts in recruiting qualified talents from all over the world and now it boasts a well-structured faculty, whose members are not only experts in their specialties but also great teachers devoting themselves to teaching. SCUN now has a total of 2853 faculty and teaching staff, among which 1392 are faculty members with 228 professors, 538 associate professors. 50% of the 1392 faculty members have got Ph D and 40% of them have been visiting scholars in foreign countries or areas. Moreover, 46 of them have been granted “the outstanding young scientist fund” or listed as “Chief Scientist” in “973 Plan”, and they have been selected into the national or provincial Talent Pool. SCUN also has up to twenty-six experts who were selected for “Chu Tian Scholars” (a respectable title to renowned scholars in Hubei province) and the “100 Talents Project” of Hubei province (A project funded by Hubei government to attract 100 best talents from all over the world).

SCUN believes what is unique to a nation is also precious to the world. Therefore ever since its establishment, SCUN has been dedicated itself to creating a multicultural atmosphere and helping students be more culturally aware.

There are students of fifty-six nationalities from all over China and lots of our faculty members from ethnic minorities or different countries. It is also reflected in the fact that the campus is characterized by cultural inclusiveness and diversity. This value is embodied in our motto “Following the nature and Living in harmony.” While emphasizing on keeping the distinctive ethnic cultures on our campus, SCUN also understands the significance in integrating itself into the world, which helps cultivate our students to be creative professionals with international vision. Therefore, holding the conviction that “Talent is the first and best resource” and the ambition to develop itself into a national first-class university with good reputation around the world, SCUN sincerely invites talents and academic teams from all over the world to join us. Together, we will explore the common and true value of higher education.

The First South Lake Forum of International Young Scholar

July 23, 2018-July 25, 2018

Wuhan, Hubei, China

SCUN keep the positions specially for you­! We will provide transportation and accommodation for the participants.

I. Major Fields of Recruitment

1. Disciplines of Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Mathematics

2. Disciplines of Engineering:

Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering & Electronics Information Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering

3. Disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences:

Ethnology, Literature / Art, Pedagogy, Marxism Theory, Economics, Law, Management

II. Talents to Be Invited

1. Candidates under the age of forty are expected to hold doctorate degrees granted by renowned universities all over the world and have published high-quality papers as the first author or the corresponding author in specific top journals in relevant fields.

2. Excellent young talents who are qualified to apply for “The Recruitment Program for Young Professionals” or “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, or talents at the equivalent level who have great potential.

III. Salary and Benefits

Based on the academic assessment by the recruitment committee of SCUN, we will provide sufficient working and living conditions as negotiated between the university and invited talents, including a very competitive salary and benefit, research funds and lab space as startup fund, research assistants, and so on. To make sure you have a good platform to develop your career, we will offer a very comfortable on-campus apartment, and a job for spouse and school/kindergarten for children. We wish we could offer you a best stage to display your talents, a great opportunity to pursuit your dream and a home to enjoy your life.

IV. Registration Website

AcaBridge registration site


V. Contact Information

For detailed information, please contact Human Resources Department, South-Central University for Nationalities.

Address: No.182, Minzu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China.

E-mail: rsc@scuec.edu.cn

Contact:Ms.Zhang Wenjun, Ms.Jiang Ying

Tel(Fax): 86-27-67842183

Web site: http://www.scuec.edu.cn; http://www.scuec.edu.cn/zzrsb/

Schools & Contact Information

•School of Law



•School of Literature, Journalism & Communication



•School of Arts



•School of Ethnology and Sociology



•School of Foreign Languages



•School of Economics



•School of Management



•School of Public Administration



•School of Education



•School of Computer Science



•School of Mathematics and Statistics



•School of Electronics and Information Engineering



•School of Biomedical Engineering



•School of Chemistry and Materials Science



•School of Resources and Environmental Science



•School of Life Sciences



•School of Pharmaceutical Science



•School of Preparatory Education



•School of Marxism



•School of Physical Education



•School of Music and Dance



Thanks for your attention and participation!