“Hundred Talent Program” Recruitment Zhejiang Sci-tech University

University Introduction

  Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU) is located in Hangzhou, a historical and culture city, and the university is historically renowned for its excellence in students’ cultivation and scientific research.

  ZSTU now is a provincially key university focusing on engineering, with distinct characteristics and advantages as well as the coordinated development across a diversity disciplines embracing sciences, engineering, arts, economics, management, law, fine art and education.

  At present, ZSTU offers 63 undergraduate programs, boasts 3 doctoral degree first-level disciplines, 2 postdoctoral research stations, 26 master’s degree first-level disciplines and 6 independently-set master’s degree second-level disciplines.

  With a population of over 27,000 full-time on-campus students, ZSTU boasts a high-level faculty and staff of more than 2,000 personages. The university owns 4 national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” leading talents, 1 MOE Yangtze River distinguished professor, 1 MOE Yangtze River lecturing professor, 1 winner of national NSFC outstanding young scientist foundation, 3 national “One Thousand Talent Program” experts (including 1 national “One Thousand Foreign Expert Program” expert), 5 national “New-century Thousands-of-talent Program” talents,1 national outstanding contribution middle-young-aged expert,1 Cultural Master & “Four Batches” talent, 5 MOE “New-century Excellent Talent Support Program” talents, 1 provincial top expert,3 provincial distinguished professors. Additionally, ZSTU employs massive renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad as part-time professors and Jinsha Scholars.

2 MOE (Ministry of Education) innovation teams

7 provincial key sci-tech innovation teams

1 provincial key cultural innovation team

5 provincial higher-education innovation teams

1 provincial higher education top-key first-level discipline

3 provincial higher education top-key (first-level) disciplines

13 provincial first-rate disciplines

11 provincial higher education key disciplines

2 state-locality cooperative engineering laboratories

3 national international sci-tech cooperation bases

1 provincial engineering technology research center

1 provincial humanity & social sciences key research base

1 provincial philosophy & social sciences key research base

3 provincial coordinated innovation centers

1 MOE key laboratory

2 MOE engineering research centers

1 MOC key laboratory

1 MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) key research center

1 MOA key research center

Required Majors

  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Material Science and Engineering, Textile Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Instrumentation Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Artistic Theory, Fine Arts, Art Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Management Science and Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Economics, Statistics, Business Administration(Accounting/Corporate Management), Law, Public Management, Sociology, Foreign Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication, Theory of Marxism.

Application Criteria

  Applicants should bid by the basic principles of laws and administrative regulations in China, follow the professional ethical rules on teaching in China, shoulder the responsibilities on students’ cultivation and scientific research with a proven collegiate attitude, hold a PhD degree and have intention of national and provincial “One Thousand Talents Program” application from ZSTU.

A. “Hundred Talents Program”---Leading Talents

1. Aged under 50

2. Have a proven research capability in accordance with requirement on National “Thousand Talents Program” (including “Innovative Experts, Long-term Program” and “Foreign Experts Program”)

B. “Hundred Talents Program”---Young Top-notch Talents

1. Aged under 40

2. Have a proven research capability in accordance with requirement on National “Thousand Young Talents Program”


A. “Hundred Talents Program”---Leading Talents

1. Term of Employment: 5 Years (conferred the title of “Distinguished Professor” and employed to Professor Position)

2. Annual Salary: 500,000 CNY

3. Accommodation Fund: 1,500,ooo CNY or provide an apartment with approximately 120 square meters

4. Research Support Fund: 1,000,000 CNY (Disciplines in Sciences and Engineering)/300,000 CNY (Disciplines in Humanity and Arts)

5. Others: Listed as Doctoral Supervisor

B. “Hundred Talents Program”---Young Top-notch Talents

1. Term of Employment: 3 Years (conferred the title of “Distinguished Associate Professor” and employed to Associate Professor Position)

2. Annual Salary: 300,000 CNY

3. Accommodation Fund: 1,000,ooo CNY or provide an apartment with approximately 120 square meters

4. Research Support Fund: 600,000 CNY (Disciplines in Sciences and Engineering)/200,000 CNY (Disciplines in Humanity and Arts)

5. Others: Listed as Master Supervisor

C. Offer transitional accommodation or rent fund (3000 CNY monthly) for 12 months at most

D. Offer special support from School and University on work condition, international communication and collaboration, research group construction and children education

E. Applicants with extraordinary research achievement, the remuneration on annual salary, accommodation fund and research support fund can be negotiable case-by-case

F. Applicants who can be successfully selected in “Thousand Talents Program ” should obey the principle of “count the higher, not the lower” on the remuneration and reward provided by the Chinese Government and ZSTU

Application Methods

Applicants must provide the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A statement that clearly addresses your potential research expectation and plan in ZSTU
  • A statement that strongly proves your scientific research capabilities
  • A list of publications and other research achievements

Applications should be submitted by mail, E-mail or fax and please note that candidates with satisfactory conditions will be noticed on an interview.


Talents Recruitment Office, Zhejiang Sci-tech University

Mailing Address: 928 Second Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.C.

Contact: Ms. ZHANG/Ms. LIU / Ms. QIAN

Telephone: +86-571-86843043

Fax: +86-571-86843651

E-mail: rsc@zstu.edu.cn