IQST Postdoctoral Fellowship

Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technolog (IQST)
Baden-Württemberg (DE)
TVöD E13 Full-time position
April 23 2018
Physical Sciences
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Job Type
PhD Fellowship

The Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST) in Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart and Ulm), Germany invites applications for a two-year IQST postdoctoral fellowship. The fellowship is meant to provide young scientists, of unusual ability and promise, an opportunity to start research on a problem of their choice within the stimulating environment of IQST. The proposed research plan of the applicant should contribute to the overall goals and efforts of IQST; in particular, research plans that support the effort of collaboration between different disciplines, industry, and campuses will be viewed most favorably. Successful applicants will be hosted by an IQST Fellow for administrative and equipment support. Please consult the website for more information about the IQST Fellows, the center’s research topics, and application details.

Review criteria:

  • Scientific excellence reflected in your academic and research record, demonstrating the ability to secure further funding to start a young researcher group within the Center for IQST during the two-year fellowship (e.g. Emmy Noether Program or ERC starting grant). 
  • Scientific proposal will be judged by its innovation, feasibility, and significance.
  • Evaluation by the Fellow explaining the contribution of the proposed work to IQST.
  • Completion of the PhD after June 2013

For any questions about your application before submission, please contact

Prof. Dr. Tilman Pfau (director), University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Joachim Ankerhold (co-director), Ulm University
Dr. Mahdieh Schmidt (scientific manager), University of Stuttgart

At the Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, new technological approaches are generated from quantum physics. The Center stimulates synergies between the fields of natural and engineering sciences to form a new discipline: "Quantum Science and Technology". We develop ideas and prototypes for future quantum technologies, which push the boundaries of existing knowledge and devices. In parallel we purpose to educate pioneering researchers in quantum science in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment. We foster future industrial applications, which will have a positive impact on society, e.g. in the field of medicine or in telecommunications networks.