The First Global Young Talent Forum (2018), Jiangxi Normal University

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April 05 2018
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I. A brief introduction to Jiangxi Normal University

Jiangxi Normal University was founded in 1940 on the basis of the National Chung Cheng University, which was once referred to as the “Three Zhong” together with the National Central University (now Nanjing University) and the National Sun Yat-Sen University (now Sun Yat-Sen University) (because all the Chinese names contain the Chinese character“Zhong”, meaning “central”). It is a university jointly administrated by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, a member of the “Basic Capacity Construction Project for Central and Western Colleges and Universities”, as well as a higher education unit for doctoral programs and one of the first batch of units with bachelor's and master's programs in China. It has 9 first-level discipline doctoral programs, including Pedagogy, Psychology, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Marxist Theory, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Management Science and Engineering, 5 postdoctoral research stations/workstations and 62 national-level, ministerial-level and provincial-level scientific research platforms. There are more than 2,900 permanent teaching and administrative staff with more than 1,860 full-time teachers, among which 700 have secured doctoral degrees (including doctoral candidates). Overall, Jiangxi Normal University has a group of reasonably-organized and highly-qualified teaching staff, including experts listed in the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC” and the “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”.

The Attached Middle School to Jiangxi Normal University is one of the top 100 middle schools in China, the National Olympic Education Model School, as well as one of the first batch of provincial key middle schools and the first batch of outstanding key middle schools. The affiliated kindergartens and primary schools are also the best basic education resources in Jiangxi Province.

II A brief introduction to the forum

The First Global Young Talent Forum will be held on May 10, 11 and 12, 2018 in the beautiful Yaohu campus of Jiangxi Normal University

This forum aims to build a platform for outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to communicate and cooperate with each other, to have a deeper understanding of Jiangxi Normal University and to start business in Jiangxi, so as to make contributions to the scientific research, talent cultivation and economic boom of Jiangxi Province and China.

III Disciplinary areas

Pedagogy, Psychology, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Literature, Chinese History, World History, Philosophy, Sociology, Journalism and Communication, Management, Economics, Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Sports, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Medical Science, Pharmacy, Material Science, Electronic Information Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, and so on.

IV Invited Talents

Outstanding young scholars who satisfy the following four requirements:

(1) Generally under the age of 40 (born after January 1, 1978);

(2) Having obtained a doctoral degree from an overseas education center with work experience in an overseas research center for 2 consecutive years or above, or having obtained a doctoral degree in China with work experience in an overseas research center for 3 consecutive years or above;

(3) Have the competence for being recruited in the Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts, the Young Scholar Support Plan, the Chang Jiang Scholars Program and the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation;

(4) Willing to be a member of Jiangxi Normal University.

V. Conference funding

The university covers accommodation and food, and provides reimbursement for round-trip travelling expense (airplane economy class or high-speed railway second class), with the upper limit of 17,000 RMB per person from Europe and the United States, 10,000 RMB per person from the Asia-Pacific region, and 7,000RMB per person in domestic region, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

VI. Schedule

(1) Application deadline: April 25, 2018 (subject to change)

(2) Invitation period: March 25 to April 25, 2018

(3) Registration date: May 10, 2018

(4) Forum date: May 11-12, 2018 (main forum, sub-forum, etc.)

At the same time, we also welcome outstanding overseas talents to come to our university for exchange.

VII. Application process

Please register and log in the application system:

Http://, fill in the application form online.

VIII Talent Remuneration

The university will wholeheartedly provide young talents at home and abroad with career-developing platforms, cozy living environment, competitive remuneration, and a green and ecological campus. Specifically:

(I) National-level “Four Youth Talent”

1. Position and annual salary: specially-hired professorship (establishment, permanent position) and an annual salary of 800,000 RMB will be provided for talents in the “Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts” and the “Young Chang Jiang Scholars”, or wages and subsidies from the actual position plus the talent special subsidy of 500,000 RMB annually; an annual salary of 600,000 RMB will be provided for talents in the “National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation” and young scholars in the “Ten-thousand Talent Program”, or wages and subsidies from the actual position plus the talent special subsidy of 400,000 RMB annually.

2. Scientific research funds: based on the disciplinary differences and the needs of disciplinary construction, scientific research start-up funding ranging from 2 to 10 million RMB will be provided, in which the scientific research funding for talents in the “Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts” will not be less than 8 million RMB (including the subsidized funding from government sectors).

3. Housing and settlement: during the period of employment, an on-campus apartment with the coverage of 100m2 and the subsidy of 1 million RMB will be provided. In addition, talents in the “Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts” will enjoy a one-time governmental subsidy of 500,000 RMB, and Young Chang Jiang Scholars will enjoy the governmental subsidy of 100,000 RMB each year.

4. Spouse employment: spouse will be hired by the university.

5. Child education: the children of the talents can register at the affiliated kindergarten, the affiliated primary school and the attached middle school to Jiangxi Normal University.

(II) Outstanding overseas returnee talents

According to actually hired position (foreigners are considered as level 5 in professorship), wages and subsidies from the actual position plus the talent special subsidy of 80,000-120,000 RMB annually (or an annual salary of 250,000-350,000 RMB) will be provided; 250,000-350,000 RMB of settlement allowance, or an on-campus apartment plus another 100,000 RMB of settlement allowance will be provided; 100,000-500,000 RMB of scientific research start-up funding will be provided; spouse can be hired; the child(ren) of the talents can register at the affiliated kindergarten, the affiliated primary school and the attached middle school to Jiangxi Normal University.

*Remuneration for outstanding talents can be discussed based on the talent’s academic achievements.

IX. Contact information

Host: Jiangxi Normal University

Contact person: He Jiutian 1770709926; Luo Laicheng 13870929695


Organizer: Academic Bridge, China Education Online

Contact person: Zhao Jia 010-82159101 to 8085


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