Research Scientist III

Seattle, Washington State
Final salary to be determind based on experience
April 03 2018
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

The James ( and Rawlings labs at Seattle Children’s Research Institute are hiring motivated senior scientists to join a rapidly expanding research program focused on B cell engineering (PMID 29273498). The ultimate goal of the B cell engineering group is to develop novel cell therapies that provide sustained production of therapeutic proteins from gene-edited, adoptively transferred, autologous plasma B cells. For this position, we are seeking a highly motivated and experienced immunologist/molecular biologist to lead projects in the primary B cell engineering and differentiation sub-group. The applicant will build upon existing engineering approaches to expand gene-edited human B cells in culture, differentiate gene-edited B cells into long-lived plasma B cells and further enrich for therapeutic protein secreting cells. The applicant will collaborate with the principal investigators to manage the project and personnel and to develop the mid-term experimental plans. Additionally, the applicant will be responsible for communications with external collaborators and will analyze and interpret data and contribute to grants, patents, and manuscripts.  




Key Responsibilities:
1. Engineer primary human B cells to produce exogenous proteins
2. Design and execute assays in human B cells to measure the following outcomes: differentiation, survival, proliferation and protein secretion (on a per cell and per population basis)
3. Contribute to experimental design and troubleshooting
4. Project management and mentorship of research scientists
5. Manage and support external collaborations
6. Contribute to writing for publication of results; generate figures for papers and grants




Required Education/Experience:
- Master’s Degree or higher in molecular biology, immunology, bioenginnering, virology, or a related field; may require a PhD for certain lab specialties
- Minimum of three (3) years experience in immunology, preferably with a background in B cell biology, and/or molecular biology, preferably with a background in genome engineering and/or generation and use of viral vectors
- Hands-on expertise with flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISpot, and/or intracellular staining


- Expertise in protocol development and troubleshooting


- Recent evidence of publication
- Experience with laboratory coordination, working with research staff and training technicians
- PhD in molecular biology, immunology, bioenginnering, virology, or a related field
- Extensive expertise in the culture of primary human cells


- Strong presentation and/or writing skills


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