Faculty Positions Available at Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HITSZ)

Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Shenzhen, Guangdong (CN)
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April 10 2018
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Full Time
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Founded in 1920, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is a national key university that provides multidisciplinary studies in science and technology. It offers specializations in science, engineering, management, arts, economics, law, and many other fields. It is a member of the C9 League and is one of the first universities to be part of Project 211 and Project 985 in China.

It is now a key campus of HIT, in cooperation with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, HIT established the Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HITSZ)in 2002 as the HIT Shenzhen Graduate School. It is a key campus of HIT, which provides both undergraduate and graduate education, as approved by the Ministry of Education. With a brand-new look, HITSZ follows the HIT tradition and carry forward Shenzhen’s spirit to contribute both to national and regional economic and social development.

The School of Computer Science, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Materials Science and Technology, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Economics and Management, School of Science, School of Humanities and Social Science, and School of Institute of Space Science and Applied Technology invite applications for faculty positions all year round. Schools are especially interested in candidates in the following fields, and in special cases, a senior faculty appointment is possible.

1. School of Computer Science

(1)Artificial intelligence

(2)Network and information security

(3)Pattern recognition

(4)Computer vision

(5)Data mining


(7)Cloud computing

(8)Internet of things

(9)Computing theory and algorithm design

(10)Intelligent robot (Not limited to the above fields)


(1)To undertake the major courses for both UG and PG students, and offer 1-2 academic reports every year.

(2)Be able to independently undertake high-level scientific research, to promote the development of the related research fields, and to supervise postgraduate students.

(3)To participate in the construction of CS disciplines, student cultivation, international cooperation and other public services

2. School of Electronic and Information Engineering

(1)Deep Space Communications and Navigation

(2)Underwater Acoustic Communications and Networking

(3)Mobile Communications and Signal Processing, Theory and Implementations

(4)Optical interconnect and optical communication

(5)Optical integration and micro-nanophotonic devices

(6)Intelligent optical imaging and sensing

(7)Digital and analog IC design


(1)to teach one or two main courses in EE areas for UG and PG students. Typical courses include but not limited to: Signal and Systems, Digital Communications, Stochastic Signal Processing, Wireless Networking, Radio Frequency Circuits, Microwave and Antenna Technologies, Internet of Things, AI, Big Data, IC Design, Embedded Systems, IOT, physical electronics and optical engineering courses such as Applied Optics, Physical Optics, Electrodynamics, advance photonics, optoelectronics,optical communications, optical imaging and metrology, etc. Prior teaching experience is preferred.

(2)Have research interests and demonstrated expertise in the above fields during their academic experience. The candidate is expected establish and lead a recognized research, which has the good impact in industry or promising application potentials.

(3)Supervision of graduate students, and engagement in various service activities for academic faculties, university and community are required.

3. School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

4 first-level disciplines:

-Mechanical Engineering (ME)

-Electric Engineering (EE)

-Control Science and Engineering (CSE)

-Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (PEET)

(1)Power electronics

(2)Electric machines

(3)Power systems

(4)Control and Automation


(6)Computer Vision

(7)Big Data and Machine Learning

(8)Turbulence, fluid-structure interactions, aeroacoustics, and flow control


(1)Teaching courses at the UG and PG levels, instructing students to write thesis

(2)Conducting high-impact scientific research programs, publishing high-level and innovative research results, striving for national research projects

(3)Performing public service for the School, university as required.

4. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

(1)Civil Engineering

(2)Environmental Engineering


(1)Teaching courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, instructing students to write thesis

(2)Conducting high-level and innovative research results, striving for national research projects

(3)Performing public service for the school and the university as required.

5. School of Materials Science and Technology

(1)Electronic packaging,

(2)Biological materials,

(3)Information functional materials,

(4)Functional structural materials.


(1)Teaching courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, instructing students to write thesis

(2)Conducting high-level and innovative research results, striving for national research projects

(3)Performing public service for the school and the university as required.

6. School of Architecture and urban planning


(2)Urban Planning

(3)Transportation Engineering


(1)Teaching courses at the UG and PG levels, instructing students to understand, planning and design cities, transportation system and architectures, and guide students to do related scientific research.

(2)Conducting high-impact scientific research programs or practical projects, publishing high-level and innovative research results or planning and design achievements.

(3)performing public service for the School, university as required.

7. School of Economics and Management



(3)big data

(4)operation research


SEM seeks candidates that possess outstanding academic qualifications and international experience. A Ph.D. degree in related fields is required. Applicants are expected to demonstrate strong potentials to conduct independent research, publish in high quality journals and teach for undergraduate and graduate students.

For information, please visit our website at http://sem.hitsz.edu.cn/.

8. School of Science


---Current research interests include mechanics of materials across nano-, micro- and macro-scales, biomechanics, mutliphysics coupling for novel materials or in innovative applications, dynamics and control, fluid mechanics, etc. 

 (2)Mathematics and Statistics

--- Current research interests include complex networks, big data science, time series analysis, biomathematics, control science and engineering, inverse problem, differential equations, image processing, algebras, geometry, topology, number theory, function theory etc.


---Current research interests include nanomaterials, optoelectronics, optics and photonics, heat transport, low-temperature condensed matter physics, soft matter physics, and theoretical/computational physics, etc.


---Current research interests include organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, nanomaterials, sensor research and development, polymer chemistry, soft matter chemistry, etc.


---Current research interests include Molecular Biology, System Biology and Biochemistry, but applicants with top-notch publications in any other area(s) of biology are more than welcome as well.

(Not limited to the above fields)


(1)Teaching courses at the UG and PG levels

(2)Be expected to conduct independent and collaborative researches, which include obtaining state, province, and city-level research funds and publishing top-notch journal papers.

(3)Performing public service for the School, university as required.

9. School of Humanities and Social Science

(1)Innovative industrial design and user experience research

(2)Human-computer interface design research for industrial products

(3)Appearance and communication design of industrial products

(4)Industrial Space Design and Digitalization Research


(1)Participate in academic affairs related to discipline development. He/she will develop and teach graduate and undergraduate courses, and supervise graduate students.

(2)Should have a clear research direction, and be actively conducting research projects funded at the national, provincial, or municipal level or by business partners. He/she should have publications in the form of pape line development: should work actively for the development of the discipline, and oversee or participate in team-building efforts.

(4)Lab development: should actively participate in the development of labs.

(5)Other: the selected candidate is expected to carry out international cooperation and academic exchange activities, chair or participate in international academic conferences, promote the center and school, actively participate in community service, and perform other tasks specified in the contract.

10. School of Institute of Space Science and Applied Technology

(1)Solar physics

(2)Heliospheric physics

(3)Magnetospheric physics

(4)Ionospheric physics

(5)Upper atmospheric physics

(6)Space weather and its effects on human activities

(7)Planetary physics

(8)Magnetospheric physics

(9)Atmospheric Lidar

(10)Atmospheric physics

(11)Cloud and aerosol


(1)Conduct funded research in an area compatible with the interests of the institution. Publish articles in peer-reviewed journals.

(2)Teaching and mentoring at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels in classroom, laboratory and office hour.

(3)Participate activities as required by the institution’s administration.


Qualifications and Requirements:

Ph.D. completed in a related field before the start of employment.

Overseas working experience or postdoctoral training is preferred.

All strong candidates in the fields of above are encouraged to apply.

Salary and Benefits

HITSZ offers a highly competitive compensation and benefits package. Salary and rank will be commensurate with qualifications and experience of the applicants. 

To Apply:

Each application must include the following documents:

① Application Form for Faculty Position (the form is provided below as attached document; applicants should indicate their main research area to facilitate the application process).

② A cover letter including three parts: (1)self-introduction (explaining why the applicant should be considered for the job), (2)the expected contribution to the School based in terms of research, and (3)future work plan, if hired.

③ Three Letters of Recommendation

④ Electronic copy of supporting documents (diploma, achievements, list of publications, etc.)

Application materials should be sent to YANG Zhixi at: hrsz@hit.edu.cn.

8. Contact:

Ms. YANGZhixi

Human Resources Department

Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen

E-mail: hrsz@hit.edu.cn.

Tel: +86-755-26033365

For further information, please visit our official website:


HITSZ is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, national origin, or any other characteristic protected by law.