Faculty Positions at China Pharmaceutical University: Nanjing, China

China Pharmaceutical University
Nanjing, Jiangsu (CN)
Salary Negotiable
March 27 2018
Organization Type

We Are Hunting for:

a)  High-Level Talents selected in one of the national talent plans, including:

1. “The Thousand Talents Plan”

2. “Chang Jiang Scholars Program of Ministry of Education of China”

3. “Distinguished Young Scholars Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China”

b)  Young Talents selected in one of the national talent plans, including:

1. “Chang Jiang Young Scholars Program of Ministry of Education of China”

2. “Young Scholars of the Thousand Talents Plan”

3. “Excellent Young Scholars of the Ten Thousand Plan”

4. “Excellent Young Scholars Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China”

c)  Specially-Appointed Professors or Associated Professors;

Areas: Especially in the following areas or related, but not limited to: Cell and Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics; Physiology and Pharmacology in Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Metabolic Diseases; System Biology and -Omics.

Requirements: (1) Have gained PhD degree from world top University/Institute and under 40 yrs old. (2)Good publication record in leading journals

What We Offer:

a) High-Level Talents: Salary varies from 600,000 to 800,000 RMB per year; Housing/settling allowance varies from 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 RMB; Start-up funds varies from 8,000,000 to 12,000,000 RMB depending on the applicants qualifications in accordance with the University’s current policies; The laboratory space no less than 300m2..

b) Young Talents: Salary no less than 500,000 RMB per year; Housing/settling allowance 2,000,000 RMB; Start-up funds 6,000,000 RMB; The laboratory space no less than 150m2

c) Specially-appointed Professors : Salary 400,000 RMB per year; Housing/settling allowance 500,000 RMB; Start-up funds 2,000,000 RMB.

Specially-appointed Associated Professors: Salary 290,000 RMB per year; Housing/settling allowance 300,000 RMB; Start-up funds 1,000,000 RMB.

How to Apply:

a) A cover letter;

b) CV with degree certifications attached;

c) A research plan for the next 5~10 years (no more than 1000 words);

d) Three reference letters.

PLEASE TITLE YOUR EMAIL AS “Your Name+GCC+Your Research Areas”; Please provide us with all the required materials in one PDF file. Any incomplete applications may not be considered. Thanks.

Contact Us

Application materials mentioned above should be sent to:

Personnel Department, China Pharmaceutical University

Contacts: Fan Wang

Tel: 0086-25-86185090

Email: rcb@cpu.edu.cn

Address:  #639 Longmian Avenue, Nanjing, 211198, P.R.China.

Home page of Office of Talent Development: http://rcb.cpu.edu.cn/

Home page of China Pharmaceutical University: http://www.cpu.edu.cn/

More Information:

For more information about our recruitment programs and open job opportunities, please visit our website at http://rcb.cpu.edu.cn/2d/a2/c725a11682/page.htm

Brief Introduction of China Pharmaceutical University

China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), situated in the historical and cultural city of Nanjing, is one of the “211 project” key universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. It has been known for its long history and its leadership role in China’s pharmaceutical academic field. The University was founded in 1936 as China’s first independent four-year National College of Pharmacy.

The University provides a wide variety of disciplines including Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Management, Arts and Law. The first-level discipline of Pharmacy was enlisted as National Key Discipline. In 2017’s ESI statistics, our pharmacology and toxicology ranked the world’s top 1‰, chemistry and clinical pharmacy programs ranked the world’s top 1%.

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