Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Talents Recruitment Fairs

Xi'an Jiaotong University, as one of the first universities entering China's "211 Project" and “985 Project”, is selected to be developed into a global first-class university. Xi'an Jiaotong University is a comprehensive research university with scientific focus. It is composed of 10 branches of disciplines, namely: science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, literature, law, philosophy, education and art. In recent years, Xi’an Jiaotong University focuses on national strategy, vigorously promoting the establishment of the Western China Science & Technology Innovation Harbour, which is designed to be an innovative unit with a union of “campus, industrial zone and community”, a combination of technologies and services, and a link center of science, technology and industry. Xi’an Jiaotong university takes talents strategy as a key strategy, now, it has more than 400 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Changjiang Scholars, Outstanding Young Investigator Award laureates and other scholars. XJTU establishes Western China Energy Research Institute and Western China Quality Science & Technology Research Institute. Moreover, XJTU has 45 first degree disciplines, 25 Post-doctoral research stations, 27 nation-level research centers and 114 provincial and ministerial key research centers. In recent years, XJTU has not only led 37 projects under the “973” Program and national key research and development program, but also 23 major projects of the national social science fund. In the same period, university scientists and engineers have had 5506 projects approved by the National Natural Science Fund. The university has been awarded 61 national science and technology prizes as the first author. The total number of basic research projects and grants places XJTU in the front rank among Chinese universities. Xi'an Jiaotong University eagerly welcomes scholars from overseas with excellent performance, and would be honored to offer a platform for you to make your dream of success come true here, at the starting point of the Silk Road! 

1. Recruitment of disciplines

(1)Fields of Science

Target Disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry

(2)Fields of Energy and Environment

Target Disciplines: Energetics and Engineering Thermophysics, Nuclear Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Electric Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering, Architecture

(3)Fields of Machinery, Aeronautics & Astronautics and Materials

Target Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Mechanics, Aerospace Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering

(4)Fields of Electronics and Information

Target Disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Cyberspace Security, Software Engineering

(5)Fields of Medical Science and Bioscience

Target Disciplines: Preclinical medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Stomatology, Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Nursing, Biology, Biomedical Engineering

(6)Fields of Administration and Economics

Target Disciplines: Practical Economics, Theoretical Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration

(7)Fields of Humanities & Social Sciences

Target Disciplines: Foreign Languages and Literatures, Law, Philosophy, Marxist theory, Journalism and Communication, Sociology, Pedagogy, Science of Physical Culture and Sports, Design Science

(8)Interdisciplinary Fields over above Fields

2. Recruitment Requirements

◆ Young Talents Support Plan

1. Applicants should have obtained PhD degree and under the age of 40.

2. Applicants should have outstanding academic achievements in their chosen fields, be prominent among peers and have the potential to become future leaders in relevant areas.

◆ Research Fellows Recruitment

1. Research fellows with special subsidy: PhD graduates from world top-100 universities in foreign countries or a region outside mainland China, or exceptional outstanding PhD graduates for key research bases at national or provincial level, or teams that undertaking significant research tasks of the nation.

2. Foreign research fellows: Outstanding foreign PhD graduates for “Universities Alliance of the New Silk Road (UANSR)” initiated by our university.

3. Full-time research fellows for scientific research: PhD graduates with remarkable performance in related academic fields for the scientific research platform at XJTU.

4. Research fellows with enterprise subsidy: Based on the cooperative platform co-established by the Xi’an Jiaotong University, the government and enterprises, research fellows for enterprises research projects are recruited by the university jointly with enterprises.


We provide an international platform and environment, sufficient start-up research funds, enormous working spaces, access to state-of-the-art facilities, strong administrative support, top student resources, competitive salaries, a one-time relocation allowance, and high-quality educational resources for children.

4.Contact Information

◆ Young Talents Support Plan

Yuxin Liu    +86 29 8266 8975   yuxinliu@xjtu.edu.cn

◆ Research Fellows Recruitment

Rui He  Xiao Han  +86 29 8266 8755   xjtupd@xjtu.edu.cn


2018 Overseas Recruitment Schedule

March 1st — March 5th Britain

March 29th — April 4th United States,Canada

Mid-May Japan

June Germany

October Singapore