Postdoc position at the interface of chemical biology and epigenetics.

Vienna (AT)
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March 15 2018
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This position is funded by an ERC grant

The Kubicek research group at CeMM, Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, is looking for a postdoctoral researcher working at the interface of chemical biology and epigenetics on the role of small molecule metabolites in the control of gene expression.


The Project

You will systematically analyze the role of central metabolic enzymes in the cell’s nucleus and the contribution of small molecule metabolites to regulate of gene expression. Based on preliminary data, we hypothesize that chromatin-bound central metabolic enzymes and subnuclear metabolite gradients contribute to gene regulation and cellular identity of leukemia cells. To address this hypothesis, we will first systematically profile chromatin-bound metabolic enzymes, chart nuclear metabolomes across representative leukemia cell lines, and develop tools to measure local metabolite concentrations at distinct genomic loci. In a second step, we will then develop and apply the technology to perturb these nuclear metabolite patterns by forcing the export of metabolic enzymes for the nucleus, aberrantly recruiting these enzymes to selected genomic loci, and perturbing metabolite patterns by addition and depletion of metabolites. In line with the recent discovery of oncometabolites and the clinical use of antimetabolites, we expect to predict chromatin-bound metabolic enzymes that can be exploited as druggable targets in oncology.


The Candidate

This is a fascinating project and a great opportunity for a solution-oriented, persistent researcher with an independent, well-structured and goal-oriented working style. You should have a proven scientific track record (including at least one first author publication) in the fields of epigenetics, metabolism or chemical biology. Expertise in genome editing, proteomics, metabolomics, metabolite sensors, small molecule probe development, functional screening and bioinformatics is of advantage. The working language at CeMM is English, and excellent written and oral communication skills are required. You are a team player, you bring along a high degree of motivation and initiative, and your personal strengths include social competence, reliability and accuracy.  


The Laboratory

The Kubicek laboratory is working on the role of chromatin in the definition of cell types and cell states, and the use of chemistry to modulate epigenetic states. The ERC-funded project “Chromabolism” focuses on a systematic understanding of the role of chromatin-bound central metabolic enzymes in the regulation of gene expression.

Recent publications include the first single-cell transcriptomes from primary human pancreatic islets (Li et. al EMBO Rep. 2016), the identification of artemisinins as compounds impacting alpha cell identity (Li et al. Cell 2017), novel functional screening for chromatin states (Sdelci et al. Nat. Chem. Biol. 2017) and synergistic drug combinations (Licciardello et al. Nat. Chem. Biol. 2017). Furthermore, the laboratory hosts the Platform Austria for Chemical Biology PLACEBO, a unique chemical screening infrastructure with a collection of 90,000 small molecule compounds. In addition, we apply proteomics, metabolomics, chemistry, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, and next generation sequencing to address our research questions.  You will have the opportunity to work in an innovative research environment and collaborate closely with other research groups at CeMM.


The Institute

CeMM is a biomedical flagship institute in the heart of Europe, Vienna. We are committed to highest scientific standards and provide an international environment representing approximately 40 nationalities. The working language is English. CeMM has been ranked by The Scientist as one of the Best Places to Work Academia worldwide (link: In the past 3 years CeMM groups published numerous ground-breaking studies in prestigious journals such as Science, Cell, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Immunology, Immunity etc. CeMM is located within the medical campus of Vienna and operates several technology platforms (chemical biological screening, proteomics, metabolomics, next-generation sequencing) as well as extensive bioinformatics infrastructure. Vienna is an international city with a large English speaking community and frequently ranked the world’s best city to live. The official language at CeMM is English, and more than 40 nationalities are represented. CeMM aims to promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, competences, and potential thus we welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds.


Your Application

Please upload your application documents (including a cover letter, a CV and names and contact details of at least 2 referees) using our online recruitment tool:
We offer a fair employee benefits package including health insurance, company health care, competitive holiday allowance, daily bonus for the in-house cafeteria and an annual gross salary (according to the FWF personnel costs scheme, depending on qualifications and experience). This position is funded by a prestigious ERC grant.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.