Recruiting 2 Senior Genetics/Molecular Biol. Post Docs for “NextGen DNA Mutation Analysis Positions”

MEDgomics, Inc.
Azusa, CA - Los Angeles County
Good Compensation is Available
March 06 2018
Post Doctoral
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Recruiting 2 Senior Genetics/Molecular Biol. Post Docs for “NextGen DNA Mutation Analysis Positions” to Support a Prominent Clinical Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory Focused on Autism & other Neuropsychiatric Diseases

MEDgomics, Inc. – Azusa, CA (13 mi East of Pasadena, near the Freeway junction of 210 and 605)

Near the City of Hope Medical Center.  MEDgomics is a National Practice Neuropsychiatric NextGen Diagnostic Laboratory located adjacent to stunning mountains in Los Angeles County. 

Two positions are available within the most comprehensive clinical testing lab in the U.S. that identifies patient mutations associated with Autism, Bipolar Disease, Mitochondrial Disease, Epilepsy, and Intellectual Disability.  THE MOLECULAR DIAGNOSIS IS INTEGRATED WITH PERSONALIZED MEDICINE

An intense 4-month internship is first performed.  For those who do well in the internship, a follow-up long-term position with good compensation is available.  Position candidates should have a PhD or MD with 3+ years of postdoctoral fellowship and expertise in genetics/biochemistry/molecular biology.                                       

By sophisticated analysis of variants from NextGen mediated SUB-EXOME or EXOME or GENOME sequencing (bioinformatics skills helpful but not necessary), support the national Autism etc. NextGen sequence mediated personalized medicine practice: Medical Director, Steve S. Sommer, MD, PhD.  Join MEDgomics within the still early days of this Third Era of Medicine.

Mutation Analysts perform the diversity of tasks needed, including: 

  • Apply detailed algorithms to identify rare islands of deleterious mutations within a sea of neutral variants.
  • Generating patho physiological analyses
  • Bioinformatics skills preferred to perform sophisticated bioinformatics analysis (but this is not required)
  • Reading and integrating supporting biochemical, genetic and medical literature
  • Identifying personalized dietary and drug therapies
  • Each approximately 20-page patient report contains a mini-review of the mutated genes!

Send resume, 5-year goals, and 3 supervisory references if you wish to be considered for the position to: