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March 02 2018
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Southeast University (SEU) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Central Government and the Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of the universities of Project 211 and Program 985 that is financed by the Central Government to build as a world-class university. Southeast University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China. Its origin can be traced back to 1902, when it was founded as Sanjiang Normal College. During the nationwide restructuring of institutions of higher learning in 1952, Nanjing Institute of Technology was established on the original site of National Central University. In May 1988, the university was renamed Southeast University. After a hundred years of entrepreneurial development, Southeast University has become a comprehensive and research-oriented university featuring the coordinated development of such multi-disciplines as science, engineering, medicine, literature, law, philosophy, education, economics, management, art, etc., with engineering as its focus.

The university now comprises 30 colleges. In 2017, Southeast University was selected as a Class A first-class university building university with a total of 11 top-level disciplines including: Materials Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and Engineering, Information Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering , Computer Science and Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Art Theory, etc., occupying the 8th place in terms of the number. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation organized by the degree and postgraduate education development centers of the Ministry of Education, there are 5 A + disciplines, which are Architecture, Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Art Theory. The number of A + disciplines tied the country's 8th place. According to the latest published ESI discipline rankings, the 11 disciplines of Engineering Science, Computer Science,Materials Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Clinical Medicine,  Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Neuroscience and Behavioral Science, Social Science rank among the first 1% of global ESI database, with Engineering Science ranking 32th and Computer Science ranking 35th, both of which ranking among the first 1‰ of global ESI database . In USNews2017 engineering college rankings of the world, SEU ranked 7th in mainland of China, 23 of the world.

Southeast University is now facing long-term open recruitment of high-level talent and full-time teachers at home and abroad, warm welcome to join outstanding talents at home and abroad!

1. Chang Jiang Scholars Program for Distinguished Professor


  1.  Applicants specialized in natural sciences, engineering and technical should be less than 45 years old, applicants specialized in humanities and social sciences should be no more than 55 years old.
  2.  Applicants should be associate professor or higher position in high-level university overseas.
  3.  Continuous work in school for 5 years.


1) Position: directly hired as a senior two posts;

2) Salary: Annual salary ¥700,000;

3) Research funding: the school provides ¥200-300 million research funding;

4) Housing: After applying for full-time employment, applicants who meet the requirements of the state and the school may offer a set of preferential purchase of qualified personnel;

5) Others: Provide sufficient office lab space, giving priority to the establishment of scientific research team, and doctoral or master enrollment targets should be policy-oriented. Assist in spouses' job and children's enrollment.

2. 1000 Plan Program for Young Talent


  1. Applicants specialized in natural sciences or engineering technology should be less than 40 years old.
  2. Applicants should have obtained PhD degrees at well-known universities at home and abroad, and have over 3 years of continuous overseas scientific research work experience.

3) Applicants need to return to work full time.

4) Outstanding overseas doctor of excellence can break through the working life.


In addition to the individual subsidies and scientific research funds provided by the nation, the school also provides:

1) Position: directly hired as a senior four posts;

2) Salary: The first employment period of 3 years, annual salary of ¥500,000;

3) Research funding: for natural sciences or engineering technology and medical, schools provide ¥100-200 million discipline construction funds, Jiangsu Province to provide ¥1 million research funding (need to be selected "High level innovation and entrepreneurial talent introduction program in Jiangsu");

4) Housing: in line with national and school policies, preferential purchase of talent special approval room;

5) Others: Provide sufficient office lab space, giving priority to the establishment of scientific research team, and doctoral or master enrollment targets should be policy-oriented. Assist in spouses' job and children's enrollment.

3.full-time teachers


Applicants should be outstanding doctoral or post-doctoral in well-known  universities or research institutes overseas, and in line with the Southeast University job requirements of the academic level, with excellent teaching, research and social services.


The school provides accommodation fees, research start-up fees, monetization housing subsidies.

Application Method

Applicants should log in to the school webpage and prepare detailed CVs, full texts of academic reps (more than 5), references and evaluations of others, future work plans and other materials, and send them by e-mail to the applicant's college e-mail address and copy School E-mail (about full-time teachers, please send the material directly to the colleges).

Detailed resumes include: educational background, work experience, part-time academic positions, research projects presided over or participated in, representative achievements, catalogs of important works, citations of citations, and contact details. Please specify the type of candidates in the mail.

About Chang Jiang Scholars Program for Distinguished Professor, 1000 Plan Program for Young Talentplease contact:

Southeast University Talent Service Office

Contact: Teacher Liu, Teacher Yin, Teacher Shi, Teacher Liao

Tel: + 86-25-83793301, + 86-25-52090253, + 86-25-52090251


Fax: + 86-25-83793001


About full-time teachers, please contact:

Personnel Office of Southeast University Human Resource Department

Contact:Teacher Wang, Teacher Yang, Teacher Li, Teacher Sun

Tel: + 86-25-83792753, + 86-25-52090259, + 86-25-52090260

Address: Human Resource Department, Southeast University, 2 Sipailou Rd, Nanjing, China, 210096

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