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March 14 2018
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About China
China is among the leading countries in science and technology, which has a significant influence in the world and is becoming one of the major science centers and innovation highlands all over the world,with a number of world-class scientific research institutions, research universities and innovative enterprises. The achievements of China on basic sciences such as high temperature superconductivity, neutrino physics, nanotechnology, stem cell research, early diagnosis marker of tumor and human genome sequencing, as well as engineering and technologies,namely,super hybrid rice, high-performance computer, manned space flight, lunar exploration project, mobile communication, quantum communication, manned deep diving and others rank in the forefront of the world.

With a good scientific research environment, perfect living conditions and a friendly and amicable humanistic atmosphere, China is attracting more and more scientific and technological talents all around the world for work and life here.

About CNPC
Established in 1985, China National Postdoctoral Council (CNPC) is the management organization for postdoctoral work in China. CNPC provides funds for postdoctoral researchers in China and particularly establish specific funding programs to support young and excellent researchers from overseas to conduct postdoctoral researches in China.


CNPC’s specific program and other funding supports for overseas researchers 
International Fellowship Program for Researches in China

1. Applicant Eligibility:
   1) Under 35 years old;
   2) Has an overseas PhD degree;
   3) Has excellent research potential.
2. Fields of Researches:All the fields of natural science, formal science, social science and applied science
3. Number of Fellowships Awarded:400 fellowships will be granted in 2018.
4. Duration:24 months
5. Fund:600,000 RMB for 2 years.
The applicant can choose one of the 494 well-known universities and 3,401 scientific research institutions and enterprises in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Fundamental medical care, social insurance and apartment (if available) will be provided for candidates by the universities or institutions. 
(For more application information, please contact the university or institution of interest.)


Note:In addition, postdoctoral researchers conducting postdoctoral work in China (including both Chinese and foreigners) can also apply for China Postdoctoral Science Fund. There are three levels in China Postdoctoral Science Fund: 150,000 RMB for Special-level, 80,000 RMB for A-level, and 50,000 RMB for B-level.


CNPC International Postdoctoral Exchange Programs in 2018

In 2018, China National Postdoctoral Council (CNPC) provides many opportunities for young postdoctoral researchers from overseas to conduct researches in China and also support young Chinese postdoctoral researchers to conduct researches in high-level universities and institutions aboard. 

1. International Fellowship Program for Researches in China
   1) Content:Funding young postdoctoral researchers from overseas to conduct researches with leading research groups of universities, institutions or enterprises in China.
   2) Fund:600,000 RMB
   3) Application Date:Annual
   4) Duration:Two years

2. Dispatch Program
   1) Content:Funding young Chinese postdoctoral researchers to conduct researches with leading research groups in the advanced fields of high-level universities, institutions or enterprises aboard.
   2) Fund:300,000 RMB by CNPC and the equivalent amount by the foreign counterpart
   3) Application Date:January - March
   4) Duration:Two years

3. Academic Exchange Program
   1) Content:Funding outstanding postdoctoral researchers to participate in international meetings and events.
   2) Fund:30,000 RMB 
   3) Application Date:Twice a year (both in the first and latter half of the year)
   4) Duration:At a time

4. Sino-German International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program
   1) Content:Funding young Chinese postdoctoral researchers to conduct researches in the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres
   2) Fund:300,000 RMB in total by CNPC and 1,500 € per month by Helmholtz
   3) Application Date: The first half of the year
   4) Duration:Two Years
  (For more information, please visit the CNPC Website: www.chinapostdoctor.org.cn)

Appendix: The contacts of postdoctoral departments of major universities and research institutes in China


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