Postdoctoral Fellowship - Cell and Molecular Biology

Chalk River, Ontario
February 26 2018
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Radiobiology and Health Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is looking for an experienced Cell and Molecular Biology postdoctoral fellow.  The candidate will be undertaking a project aimed at developing a radioprotectant to alleviate physiological damage due to ionizing radiation exposure.  This is a multi-disciplinary project that bridges several disciplines, such as cell and molecular biology, stem cell biology, radiobiology, biochemistry and cancer research.  The incumbent will have an opportunity to work in a team of talented radiobiologists at a premier research site in Canada located next to Algonquin National Park.  CNL harbors unique expertise in radiation research and has a legacy of contributing to world’s leading research and scientific discoveries in the field of nuclear science. 


The candidate will undertake all research activities pertaining to the project including but not limited to:

  • Literature review, literature and database search, keeping current with the developments in the field of study

  • Carrying out cell and molecular biology experimental work, designing experiments, developing and troubleshooting assays and protocols, recording and analyzing data

  • Summarizing results in the form of reports, power point presentations, conference abstracts, posters and publications

  • Reporting progress to the Principal Investigator, staying on budget and schedule and delivering full scope of work

  • Attending necessary meetings and training

  • Participating in supervision and mentoring of staff and students


The candidate must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or possess a valid Canadian Work Permit

  • have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology or a related Health/Medical Sciences discipline and be within a maximum of 2 years of graduation.

  • possess good oral and written English and excellent communication skills

This position involves a high degree of independence, flexibility and adaptability.  The candidate will be interacting and collaborating with other parts of the organization as well as other institutions, so must feel comfortable working in a group, following and giving directions and giving and receiving constructive criticism.  The candidate may be asked to mentor, train and supervise junior laboratory staff.  They must possess good time management skills, be organized, detail-oriented and adhere to very strict procedural guidelines and protocols. 


The incumbent must possess experience in the following:

  • Flow cytometry

  • Fluorescent microscopy

  • Protein and RNA/DNA work, such as Western Blots and qPCR

  • Cell culture

  • Development and troubleshooting of in-vitro cellular and molecular assays

  • Basic cell and molecular assays commonly used in research laboratories, such as viability/apoptosis assays, DNA damage and cell senescence

  • Gene over-expression and knock-downs/outs

  • Use of statistical and graphing software

  • Proper use, safe handling and storage of biological, chemical and radiological hazardous materials

Experience in the following are considered valuable assets:

  • Oxidative stress and mitochondrial biology, cancer, stem cell or radio-biology

  • In-vivo rodent models

  • Analysis of DNA sequencing data

  • Proteomics

  • Epigenetics

  • Extraction of cell populations from human primary samples: bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood

  • Flow cytometry based cell sorting

  • Single cell analysis

Please, forward your complete CV including the list of publications to Dr. Yevgeniya Le at