30 research, engineering, and PhD student positions in quantum technology

Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (WACQT)
Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lund
According to agreement
February 25 2018
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Full Time
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The second quantum revolution is under way. It is based on our increasingly advanced control of quantum systems such as individual atoms and photons. Applications in sight comprise quantum computers that beat any classical computer when applied to many hard computational problems, intercept-proof communications, and hyper-sensitive measurement methods, e.g. for imaging of materials, chemical processes, and living tissue.

We are now launching a 10-year, €100m research programme in Sweden – the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (WACQT) – aiming to advance the forefront of quantum technology. WACQT involves several academic and industry partners that are now seeking the most talented individuals to help develop quantum technology.

The programme spans the four pillars of quantum technology – quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum computing, and quantum simulation.

WACQT consists of two parts:

  • One excellence program in quantum technology, distributed over Swedish universities
  • One project focused on building a 100-qubit superconducting quantum computer, based at Chalmers University of Technology

​Read more about this research programme and the open positions on http://www.wacqt.se. We are currently hiring 30 PhD students, postdocs, research scientists, and research engineers.

Chalmers University of Technology
- Chalmers seeks 7 researchers to help build a quantum computer
- PhD student position of Continuous-Variable codes in superconducting cavities
- PhD student position in Theory of Quantum Computation with Continuous Variables
- PhD student position in Quantum machine learning
- PhD student position in Modeling of a superconducting quantum computer
- 3 PhD student positions at MC2 Quantum Technology Laboratory (QTL)
- Postdoctoral position in Quantum Chemistry on a Quantum Computer
- Postdoctoral/researcher position in modelling a superconducting quantum computer

KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
- PhD student position: Engineering photon entanglement with purely nonlinear photonic crystals 
- Postdoc stipend (2 years) in nano-fabricated optical non-linear devices 
- PhD student position: Ultra-low temperature scanning probe microscope with quantum-limited force sensing 
- Post-doctorate researcher: Low-latency feedback for measurement-based control of quantum circuits 
- Industrial PhD position: Low-latency feedback for measurement-based control of quantum circuits

Stockholm University
- PhD student position: Quantum Sensing with Trapped Rydberg Ions 
- PhD student in Quantum Information and Quantum Optics
- Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantum Photonics

Linköping University 
- PhD student within Electrical Engineering with specialization in Information Coding

Lund university 
- PhD student position in chemical physics: Using cavity QED to image otherwise dark single molecules 
- PhD student position: Ultrafast quantum optics – extending quantum control towards the femto- and attosecond time scales
- Industry-employed doctoral student in quantum sensing for medical applications
- Postdoctor in experimental low temperature physics

For more information and how to apply, please go to:  https://www.chalmers.se/en/centres/wacqt/open%20positions/Pages/default.aspx