Call for Applications for Associate Director Position at the “Center for RNA Research” of the Instit

Seoul (KR)
Independent research budget sufficient to support a group of up to 20 researchers
February 20 2018
Life Sciences
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Full Time
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IBS invites applications for a position of Associate Director at the senior investigator level with a high research potential, who will run a high impact research program in collaboration with the director at the Center for RNA Research (Director: V. Narry Kim).

1. Introduction of the research center

Although tens of thousands of RNAs and hundreds of its binding partners have been described, we are still very limited in our understanding of their working principles and biological functions. Our Center is currently conducting research on microRNAs and other regulatory RNAs. In addition, we are running long-term projects to systematically identify novel RNAs and proteins, and investigate their functions and action mechanisms. We are a highly interdisciplinary and interactive research center, combining expertise from genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, analytical chemistry, and nanoscience. The Center will expand the research scope further by exploring RNA-related mechanisms in host–pathogen interactions by using systems biology and immunology. These studies will advance our understanding of cellular regulatory mechanisms and provide conceptual basis for the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic tools.


The Center for RNA Research searches for a scientific leader in the field of host-pathogen interactions.

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2. Job description

The Associate Director will play a key role in assisting the founding director of the Center for RNA Research in managing the institute and its multi-disciplinary activities. Applicants should be international leaders in the field of host-pathogen interactions with an outstanding scholarly record, experience in managing research groups and programs, commitment to multi-disciplinary research, a strong future vision for synergistic research activities at the Center for RNA Research and extraordinary communication and networking skills. The Associate Director will manage his/her own research group on host-pathogen interactions using funds provided by the IBS.  


3. Requirements for the position

The candidate should have a Ph.D. in immunology, virology, microbiology or related fields and be recognized as an international leader in the research field of host-pathogen interactions. All candidates must be at the rank of tenured full or at least associate professor in academia or equivalent ranks in research institutes. The research program should integrate well with the ongoing research activities of the Center for RNA Research. The Associate Director candidate needs to demonstrate outstanding financial and staff management experience, organization and communication skills and must have the ability to work independently while integrating themselves effectively into the multi-disciplinary work environment of the Center for RNA Research. All candidates are expected to commit themselves completely to IBS research activities.


4. Offer

- Authority to run his/her own research team within the Center for RNA Research

- Independent research budget sufficient to support a group of up to 20 researchers


5. General Selection Procedure

①Recruitment of applicants by public advertisement

②Selection of candidates for in-depth evaluation

③Symposium and in-depth interview by review panel

④Decision by the SEC(Selection & Evaluation Committee) about recommendation

⑤Negotiation with director

⑥Appointment by the president


6. Application Submission

- Please fill out the ‘Application Form’ in English and email it as a single PDF file to no later than March 31, 2018.

- E-mail title should include ‘Name of Applicant’ and ‘Name of the Research Center’


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