New York City, New York (US)
The postdoctoral stipend will be based on the NIH scale
February 12 2018
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Research: The Skok Lab combines sophisticated experimental (fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), live imaging, chromosome conformation capture) and analytical aspects of chromosome folding with the tools of genetics to understand how higher-order mechanisms help preserve genome integrity and regulate gene expression.

Postdoc Qualification: Postdoc Qualification: Dr. Skok lab is looking for wet and dry lab postdocs to work on chromosome architecture in cancer research. The web lab postdoc should have experience in chromosome conformation capture (3C) and CRISPR. The dry lab postdoc should have experience in NGS data, 3C and modeling analysis.

Candidates who have recently complete or are about to complete their PhD will be considered. The candidates are expected to establish independent research projects and to generate high impact publications, which should provide the postdoctoral fellows with an excellent opportunity for further career development in academia.

To be considered, please submit a C.V., cover letter and names of 3 references to Jane Skok and lab manager Yi Li

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