Shenyang Aerospace University Seeks High-Level Global Talents

Shenyang Aerospace University
Shenyang, Liaoning (CN)
February 08 2018
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Focusing on engineering while featured by aeronautics and astronautics, Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) is an industry-based characteristic university with integrated multiple disciplines and coordinated development. Founded in 1952, SAU was one of the six undergraduate aeronautics schools affiliated with the former Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics of China, and it was put under administration of Liaoning Province in 1999. Currently, SAU is jointly supported by Liaoning Province, the Ministry of Education and Aviation Industry Corporation of China as well as co-constructed by Liaoning Province and the State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense.

SAU possesses 14 first-level disciplines for master's degree, 10 disciplines for professional master’s authorization; 5 characteristic disciplines on national defense, 2 National Scientific and Technological Innovation Platforms and 1 Collaborative Innovation Center of Liaoning Province. Meanwhile, it also has a rationally constructed faculty with high academic level leading by academicians.

With an open heart as inclusive as the ocean and a perspective mind as receptive as it can be, we sincerely welcome high-level talents at home and abroad to join us at SAU to seek common development. 

I. Major Fields of Recruitment

Aeronautics and Astronautics, Power and Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics, Automation, Material Science, Science, Humanities, Administration and Management, Foreign Languages, Safety and Civil Aviation, Design Art.

II. Positions and Requirements

1. Outstanding Academic Leaders

Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Academicians of the Academy of Sciences in developed countries; Distinguished Professors or Chair Professors of Chang Jiang Scholars Program supported by the Ministry of Education; Candidates of the “Thousand Talents Program”; Candidates of “Chang Jiang Young Scholars Program”; Candidates of the “Thousand Young Talents Program”; Winner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars;

2. Discipline Leaders: With domestic leading academic level and in capable of constructing the candidate’s discipline. Must be recognizable in the candidate's study field with high academic credentials and outstanding academic results, keeping academic exchanges with peers at home and abroad, and be responsible for teaching technical technologies or be hired as professor by famous overseas universities. Working as the leader of a certain discipline (discipline orientation) or a provincial team is a must. Preferably under the age of 45;

3. Senior Professionals with Doctorate: Doctoral supervisors with strong teamwork spirit and academic organizing ability, focusing on university key construction disciplines (majors), traditional preponderant disciplines (majors) or emerging disciplines (majors). Preferably under the age of 45;

4. Double Certified Doctors: Especially outstanding doctors can be hired to be vice advanced level or advance level title holders through green path by the university, other compensations may be negotiable according to the actual conditions.

III. Compensation and benefits

Full-time high-level talents hired by SAU enjoy: Introducing talents policy welfare, annual salary for academic leaders, one-time startup fund for scientific research and other working conditions, one-time setting-in allowance and villa housing, dealing with children school enrollment, spousal employment and permits of foreigners for long term work or residence in China.

Discipline leaders, senior professionals with doctorate and young doctors enjoy: housing, setting-in allowance, startup fund for scientific research and team building support for carrying out all kinds of work.

IV. How to Apply

Candidates should apply online with personal CV (copies of professional title, educational background and academic degree and related performance certificates included) and work plan after being hired to the Human Resource Department of Shenyang Aerospace University.

Apply: log in our official website (, click Human Resource (Faculty Members), click page window entitled “High-Level Talents Recruitment” and fill in related information. All information shall be true and accurate.  

Please log in to know more details about our requirements, compensation and benefits.

V. Contact Information

Tel: 024-89723982

Contacts: Mr. Miao/ Ms. Han     


Address: No.37, Daoyi Southern Avenue, Daoyi Economic Development Zone, Shenyang  

Postcode: 110136