Scientist – Cellular and Molecular Biology

Seville (Localidad), Andalucía (ES)
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January 31 2018
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Full Time
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The goal of translational development at Celgene (CITRE) is to provide a team that is fully integrated both with our discovery efforts and clinical development. To enable this, Translational Development will engage with discovery project teams to support target selection and disease area strategies, provide leadership for early clinical programmes from CD nomination to proof of principle (i.e., Phase 2A) studies.

In order to facilitate this, Translational Development will be integrated into Early Development Teams that will cost effectively and rapidly move the portfolio through early safety, efficacy and signal searching studies and ultimately hand over provide a robust roadmap for registration to the late development or Brand Teams. The Translational Development group is responsible for working with discovery to develop target validation approaches, define appropriate disease models for clinical studies, early engagement with discovery and early development team for biomarker maker development, defining patient selection strategies, and clinical pharmacology to define starting doses and schedules for dose escalation in Phase 1 studies

In addition, rational design of combination of novel molecules which challenge the current treatment paradigms will be encouraged. There is a close working relationship with toxicology

As part of Celgene’s commitment to scientific excellence and research in Europe, we have established the Centre for Translational Research in Europe (CITRE) in Sevilla. The aim of this centre is to be the European Hub for our BioBanking, Bioinformatics and Early Phase Clinical Trials. In addition, we are aiming to develop facilities for stem progenitor cell research. These will complement our early research facilities in San Diego, San Francisco and Summit NJ. We are seeking to help gifted scientific with a proven track record in academia or industry to create this unique installation and deliver an ambitious program for the rapid and efficient delivery of Celgene’s portfolio in Oncology, Inflammation, Immunology and Cell Therapies.


To deliver key translational studies to project teams supporting overall goals of translational development

Responsibilities include the following:


  • To work with discovery to support target validation in Protein Homeostasis Thematic Centre of Excellence (TCoE) and other TCoEs where appropriate
  • To participate/support key Celgene Drug Project teams as required
  • To have good knowledge of molecular biology, somatic mutation analysis, and its application to translational research
  • To work with human samples and analysis of their molecular signatures
  • To introduce new technologies as appropriate and to ensure standards of Good Manufacturing/Laboratory Practice
  • To understand basic cancer research and check and interpret testing results reported
  • To present analysis of data from laboratories for publication and presentation at scientific and management meetings
  • To carry out research in oncology, inflammation, immunology and cell therapies


  • To supervise the work, performance appraisal and regular assessment of laboratory staff
  • To ensure appropriately qualified staff are employed and that staffing levels are commensurate with the workload
  • To supply key data to CITRE Management Team as requested
  • To represent Celgene in scientific forums, which may require work flexibility and willingness to travel
  • To deal with all issues that may arise within the HDTL Labs (with the HR Department)
  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff, by ensuring staff comply with Health and Safety regulations
  • To participate in the collection, management and storage of tissues acquired to support the research goals at CITRE. This includes interaction with tissue laboratories from Europe and beyond and external groups collaborating on the clinical and research projects
  • To determine appropriate supplies (including testing kits and equipment) to be purchased for use in the laboratories after relevant evaluation procedures performed


  • To ensure all inventory items are tested
  • To ensure all samples have full range of tests applied
  • To collaborate with the Research Department for information and material to other centers
  • To ensure the correct and timely dispatch of tissue and tumor material centers

    Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • Excellent degree in Biological Sciences or Molecular Biology
  • PhD
  • Substantial working experience in molecular biology and translational research

    Personal Skills

  • Good interpersonal, communication and managerial skills
  • Show good leadership qualities
  • Constant willingness to improve the services and to keep HDTL at the forefront of technology.
  • Experience of scientific financial management