Zhejiang University of Technology Calls for Global Talents to join the “1000-talent Plan”

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) is located in Hangzhou, a well-known historical and cultural city and world famous scenic resort, which is known as the "Paradise on Earth" in China. ZJUT is a key provincial comprehensive university, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang provincial government. The university, as a member of the first 5 mainly sponsored universities by Zhejiang provincial government, and a member of the first 14 leading universities in the ‘2011’ project (the 3rd national higher education project, focused on collaborative innovation), offers academic programs covering 11 disciplines, including philosophy, economic, law, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutical, management and art. It has 6 post-doctoral research centers, 35 doctoral degree programs, and 116 masters’ degree programs.

At present, ZJUT has more than 2100 faculty members, including 488 professors, 2 Chinese Academy of Engineering members, 39 members conferred the title of “National Distinguished Experts/Scholars” in programs of the state “1000-talent Plan”, the state “10000-talent Project”, the state “the Yangtze River Scholars Program”, or awarded with the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Additionally, there are more than 500 members conferred the title of “Provincial Distinguished Experts/Scholars” in different provincial programs.

ZJUT possesses a number of national platforms for scientific research and teaching: the National Engineering Technology Research Centers, the National Bases for International Cooperation in Science and Technology, the Breeding Bases of the State Key Laboratory. Among all the disciplines offered by Zhejiang University of Technology, 11 are A-level provincial key disciplines and 7 are B-level provincial key disciplines. Four disciplines, chemistry, engineering, materials science, environmental science and ecology, ranked within top 1% of ESI (according to the data released by American ESI database in 2016). More than 400 scientific research projects gained the national and provincial awards, which include 22 National Science and Technology Awards. ZJUT was ranked the 10th among all institutions of higher education in China, in terms of its valid patents for inventions, and accumulated enough awards to be ranked 6th in China for its number of patents.

By providing with high-level scientific research platforms, enabling working and living conditions, and good development space for the candidates, Zhejiang University of Technology sincerely invites excellent talents to join the “1000-talent Plan”, to promote the development of the university especially its first-class disciplines, and build a bright future.

I. Qualifications and Requirements for Applicants

1. The State “1000-talent Plan”

The applicant should hold a doctoral degree granted overseas, and be 55 years of age or under. He/she should have no full-time job in China at the time of application. For those who already came back to China, it should be within one year of his/her return. The applicant has at most 2 chances to apply for the positions. The specific requirements of each project are as following:

(1) The Program for Innovative Talents (Long Term, including the field of Liberal Arts and social sciences)

After recruitment, the successful candidate is expected to work full-time at ZJUT for no less than 3 years. The applicant should hold full professorship (or an equivalent title) in a prestigious overseas university or R&D institute, or hold a senior title from well-known international companies or financial institutions.

(2) The Innovative Talents Program (Short Term, including non-Chinese experts)

After recruitment, the successful candidate should work at ZJUT for at least 2 months each year and for no less than 3consecutive years. The applicant should hold full professorship (or an equivalent title) in a prestigious overseas university or R&D institute, or hold a senior title from well-known international companies or financial institutions. The applicant should be leading talent or important scholar who plays a leading role in the development of high-tech industries or in fields urgently needed in China.

(3) The Program for Young Professionals

The applicant should have been engaged in natural sciences or engineering technology, be 40 years of age or under, and have at least3consecutive years overseas research experience (refers to full-time overseas research experience after being granted doctoral degree, not including doing research work abroad while maintaining the job position in China and got paid by Chinese universities, institutions or companies). After recruitment, the successful candidate is expected to work full-time at ZJUT for more than 3 years. The applicant with doctoral degree granted overseas might not be limited by the period of 3 years, if he/she gained significant research achievements in his/her academic area. The applicant should hold a formal teaching and researching position in a prestigious overseas university, institution or enterprise, and should be the elite among the peers in certain field and has the potential to be a future leader in his/her area.

(4) Program for Topnotch Talents and Teams

The applicant should be a worldwide topnotch expert in the field of natural sciences or engineering technology, and have one of the following qualifications: (a) The laureate of the Nobel Prizes, the Turing Award, Fields Medal or other international awards.(b) The member of the Academy of Sciences or Engineering in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia or other developed countries. (c) The well-known scholar who has working experience inglobal first-class university or R&D institute.(d) The talent with other advantages which meet our nation’s urgent needs. After recruitment, the successful candidate should work full-time at ZJUT for at least 5 years.

(5) The Program for Cultural and Art Talents

The applicant who is engaged in research work should hold a doctoral degree granted overseas and be 55 years of age or under. While the applicant in the fields of stage art or creative design may be exempt from this item of the requirements. The applicant who applies for a long-term program should work full-time at ZJUT for no less than 3 years after recruitment; the one who applies for a short-term program should work full-time at ZJUT for at least 2 months each year for no less than 3 years.

(6) The Program for Foreign Experts

The applicant should be non-Chinese experts and be 65 years of age or under. After recruitment, he/she should work full-time at ZJUT for at least 9 months each year and no less than 3 years.

2. Zhejiang Province"1000-talent Plan"

The applicant should be 55 years of age or under (born after March 1st, 1962). The outstanding applicant can be exempt from one of the following limits on age, education background, job title or professional title. The close date for application is on May 31, 2017. The specific requirements of each project are as following:

(1) Long-term Project for Innovative Talents

a. Innovative talents in the field of Natural Sciences and Engineering:

  ▪ should hold doctoral degree granted overseas;

  ▪ should hold associate professorship (or an equivalent title) in a prestigious overseas university or institution, or have a senior title in a world famous enterprise or institution;

  ▪ should be the elite among the peers in certain field, and have the potential of becoming leading figure in the future.

b. Innovative talents in the field of Humanities, Social Sciences and Art:

  ▪ should have knowledge of and comply with Chinese cultural policies, laws and regulations;

  ▪ should demonstrate outstanding capabilities in culture and art innovation and take the lead in the field of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (The internationally renowned awards laureates or the international tournament winners are in priority);

  ▪ should have brilliant abilities and fruitful achievements in the cultural management and international cultural communication, or have served as junior or senior leader in world renowned enterprises, or have participated in significant management or global cultural interactive activities.

  ▪ the applicant who does research work in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences should hold doctoral degree granted overseas and hold associate professorship or above (or an equivalent title).

c. Innovative talents in the field of Economics and Financial Management:

  ▪ should hold master’s degree or above granted overseas, and have at least 5 years’ relevant working experience;

  ▪ should have served as junior or senior leader in international economic organizations, professional institutes or well-known financial institutions or served as junior or senior manager in the world renowned enterprises;

  ▪ should be familiar with international economic rules, have knowledge of the laws and regulations for the protection of international intellectual property rights, and have a wealth of practical economic management experience;

  ▪ should be quite professional and with great achievements and good reputation in the fields of financial analysis, product development, risk control, international business, investment bank, asset management, financial derivatives investment and so on.

The applicant should be overseas Chinese, and has worked or provided some professional services in Zhejiang province after March1st, 2014, or be able to sign an employment contract or a letter of intention for talent recruitment with ZJUT before May31st, 2017. He/she should register at ZJUT within 6 months after the application approved. The successful candidates are expected to work at ZJUT for at least 9 months each year after recruitment for no less than 5 consecutive years.

(2)Seagull project

The applicant should be engaged in natural sciences and engineering technology, and is expected to work in Zhejiang Province for a short term. The specific requirements are as following:

a. Must meet the requirements of The Long-term Project for Innovative Talents in the field of Natural Sciences and Engineering.

b. Should have been working in Zhejiang province since March1st, 2016, and be able to sign an employment contract and register at ZJUT before May31st, 2017.

c. Could sign a contract valid for at least 3 consecutive years and with 2-9 months each year working at ZJUT.

d. Should be overseas high-level scholar or the expert who plays a leading role in the development of high-tech industries or in fields urgently needed in Zhejiang Province.

(3) Project for Foreign Experts

The applicant should be a non-Chinese expert, and should meet the above requirements forThe Long-term Project for Innovative Talents.

II. Application

1. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for the programs. For application please provide a detailed resume (including basic personal information, learning and work experience, major academic publications, scientific research projects, and patent awards), proof of identity, certificates of academic degrees, innovative research achievements and samples of major publications. These documents may be sent by email to the contact person of respective schools (departments), or Talents Office, ZJUT.NOTE: Please indicate the type of applications.

Department: Talents Office, Zhejiang University of Technology

Contact Persons: Mr. Chen, Mr. Jiang

Phone: +86-571-88320433

E-mail: rcyj@zjut.edu.cn

2. The overseas applicants are encouraged to take a tour to Zhenjiang University of Technology. Those who received letters of invitation before May10thcan get the reimbursement for the travel expenses and accommodation fees with tickets and invoices provided.

Zhejiang University of Technology