PIs/Postdoctoral Researchers/Doctoral Students

Zhengzhou, Henan (CN)
(1)Annual Gross salary: ¥240000-300000; (2)negotiable
January 31 2018
Position Type
Full Time
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Recruitment Advertisement of Professor Zigang Dong’s Research Group, Zhengzhou University

For research needs, professor Zigang Dong is recruiting domestic and international associate professors, lecturers/assistant professors, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students. Talents from all over the world are welcome to join us!   

Ⅰ. Lecturers/Assistant Professors/Associate Professors

(1)Positions available:10 (Chinese/foreigner)

(2)Salary: negotiable


1.Have a doctor’s degree in biology and/or medicine

2.Obey Chinese laws and regulations; have high ethical standards and professional qualities.

3.Be in good health and have no criminal record

4.Engage in scientifically sound, goal-oriented research work; assist with the mentoring of doctoral students and others.

5.Have great potential and innovative thinking in academic research.

Ⅱ. Postdoctoral Fellows

(1)Positions available: 20(Chinese/foreigner)

(2)Annual gross salary: 240,000-300,000(taxable). Outstanding postdoctoral fellows can be employed by Zhengzhou University for up to two years after fellowship.


1.Have a doctor’s degree in biology and/or medicine

2.Obey Chinese laws and regulations; have high ethical standards and professional qualities.

3.Be in good health and have no criminal record

4.Proficient in written and oral English

5.Candidates who have published high impact research papers or have experience in key research projects are preferred.

6.Be responsible, accountable, open to collaborations and possess excellent communication and coordination skills

Ⅲ. Doctoral Students

(1)Positions available: 20(Chinese/foreigner)

(2) Qualifications

1.Have a master’s degree in biology or medicine

2.Obey Chinese laws and regulations

3.Be in good health and have no criminal record

4.Proficient in written and oral English

5.Have excellent academic achievements, great academic potential and excellent grades(GPA>70%).

(3)Chinese applicants can refer to Zhengzhou University’s 2018 Recruitment Guide for Full-time Doctoral Students

(4)Foreign students must meet Zhengzhou University’s eligibility requirements for foreign doctoral students.Please refer to the university’s recruitment guide for doctoral students. Applicants must have a master’s degree or higher and be no more than 45 years old.

1.Foreign students can get full scholarship, including: tuition, student aid, accommodation fee and subsidies.  

2.How to Apply and Application Acceptance Time Frame

Applicants should apply firstly to the research group then to the University. The application time is from January 16th  to June 15th .

3. Application Procedures

(1)Firstly, applicants should email the application documents to the research group. If the applicant passes the research group’s preliminary check, he/she can log into Zhengzhou University’s online application platform for international students (http://apply.zzu.edu.cn) and submit the application.

(2)Applicants shall prepare the application documents included in the following list and submit them when they enroll in Zhengzhou University.

4.Application Documents

(1)Foreign students should provide a copy of their passport(the photo page and the address page)

(2)A copy of bachelor’s and master’s diploma( if the applicant is still a student, a pre-graduation certificate issued by his/her university is necessary)

(3)The original academic record (transcript) of undergraduate and graduate period

(4)Research proposal (no less than 800 words, written in Chinese or English)

(5)Recommendation letters from two professors

(6)Foreign students shall provide a copy of the score of language(Chinese or English) tests. As for projects with courses taught in Chinese, the applicant’s HSK score should be above 180(the score of each item shall be no less than 60), or have equivalent Chinese proficiency. As for projects with courses taught in English, the applicant’s IELTS score shall be more than 6.5(the score of each item shall be no less than 5.0), or IBT score is no less than 86 (the score of each item shall be no less than 21) or have equivalent English proficiency.

(7)Foreign applicants shall provide the original Physical Examination Record for Foreigner and No Criminal Record Certificate.

Please note:

(1)If the documents provided are not in Chinese or English, the applicant shall also provide the notarized Chinese or English translation.   

(2)Foreign applicants should finish all the items listed on the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner. The Physical Examination Record for Foreigner is invalid if any item is left unchecked, no photo of the applicant is affixed to the Record, no part of the seal is stamped on the photo, or no physician’s signature or hospital’s seal is found. Since the Record’s period of validity is only 6 months,the applicant can do the physical examination at an appropriate time.

(3)All the application documents should be bound in a volume in the order mentioned above with a staple at the top left corner( in duplicate) and be submitted to Zhengzhou University at the enrollment time.

4.Admission and Notice

(1)The School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, is in charge of accepting the application of foreign students.

(2)The applicants pre-admitted by the School of International Education and approved by the Graduate School of Zhengzhou University, can get the subsidies for study in China.

(3)The admission result will be publicized on the website of Zhengzhou University in the middle of July. The admitted applicants will be notified by calls or emails.

(4)Scholarship winners should not alter their major and duration of study.

(5)Any applicant who doesn’t respond within the enrollment time frame will lose the scholarship.

Ⅳ. Application Documents for lecturers/Assistant Professors/Associate Professors and Postdoctoral Fellows

(1) English CV

(2)A certificate photo taken recently

(3)Introduction of academic achievements and representative academic results published within the last 5 years and relevant certificates

(4)Highest diploma, award certificates, professional certificates and qualifications, certificates that can prove your participation in or charge of projects.

Ⅴ. Location: Zhengzhou, Henan

Ⅵ. Contact Information

(1)Contact Person: Huanhuan Jin


(3) Email: hhjin@hci-cn.org

(4) Address: No.127 Dongming Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China