Product Scientist

Brooklyn, New York
$80K – $120K
December 26 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
All Industry
Job Type
Staff Scientist

About Opentrons:

Today 90% of biologists in the world have never used a lab robot. Instead, they run experiments with manual pipettes, moving tiny amounts of liquid from vial to vial by hand. This is not because they don't want robots to do their pipetting; it’s because they could never afford them before.

At 10x - 100x lower price than any other lab automation, Opentrons is making robotics accessible to average life-scientists. This means we are usually our customer's first experience with a robot in the lab. This gives us the opportunity (and challenge) to create the user experience of biology lab automation for most of the biologists around the world, from scratch.

Opentrons is a company obsessed with making things easier for biologists so they can focus on answering some of the most important questions of our time. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, designers, and business people spend every day trying to provide the best tools to the most scientists possible.

About the role:

The Product Scientist is at the intersection of Opentrons customers, scientific partners, and product development teams. Their job is to develop and launch robust automated protocol and workflow products that will be useful to many Opentrons users. This is a role for someone with extensive hands-on experience with lab automation who can play a leadership role in a fast growing product company.


* Bring it all together. Integrate Opentrons hardware, software, and reagents into cohesive, easy-to-use, robust life-science research products.

*Prioritize scientific product goals. Work with internal and external stakeholders to understand possibilities and uncover the best opportunities.

* Get to know our community. Visit Opentrons customers and partners around the world to learn about their needs and synthesize product requirements. 

* Get hands on in the lab. Drive the iterative development of automated life-science lab workflows as both a hands-on individual contributor and team manager in the lab.

* Launch products. Work with the business teams to market, sell, and measure scientific products through launch and beyond.


* At least two years of experience working hands-on with life-science laboratory automation in a research / R&D lab.

* In depth knowledge of NGS .

* Strong understanding of common molecular biology, microbiology, and proteomics lab workflows.

* Great at both written and verbal communication.

*Strong programming skills, preferably with working knowledge of Python. 

* Extremely organized and self-directed with a product owner mentality.

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