Introduction to Dalian University

Dalian University
China (CN)
November 23 2017
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Introduction to Dalian University

Located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city, Dalian University is faced with Yellow Sea and leans against Dahei Mountain, boasting picturesque scenery and mild climate. Dalian University is founded in 1987. Now, there are 452 senior staffs, 577 teachers holding doctoral degree and 1,399 fulltime teachers. The total number of the students enrolled is around 21,800. As a comprehensive ordinary higher education institution, Dalian University has 11 major disciplines including philosophy, law, economics, education, literature, art, history, science, engineering, medicine, and management, 27 schools, 64 undergraduate majors ,21 master degree programs, and 2 third-level grade A affiliated hospitals. Dalian University has 16 doctoral supervisors, 1 long-term academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 Hundred Talents Project of Chinese government, 17 professors enjoy special government allowance from the State Council. Some teachers are awarded as the National Excellent Science Workers, selected in the Excellent Young Teachers Program by the Ministry of Education, teachers earning Awards for Young Teachers in Higher Institutions by the Ministry of Education, and Liaoning Distinguished Experts. Dalian University is the talent reserve base for the government of Dalian City.Currently, there are 5 national specialized discipline development centers, 1 national experiment teaching demonstration center, 1 national social practice base for college students, 1 national quality education base, 6 provincial experiment teaching demonstration centers, 2 provincial social practice bases for college students, 7 provincial specialized disciplines, 2 pilot programs of comprehensive reform, 4 pilot programs of engineering talents cultivation reform, and 2 programs receiving special support.

Dalian University attaches importance to attracting foreign intelligence, and actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation by establishing friendly and cooperative relationship with more 120 colleges, universities and research institutes, employing foreign experts and well-known scholars to teach, give lectures and paying visits in the University, and dispatching the groups or teachers to study abroad, visit overseas for inspection and academic exchanges. At present, Dalian University has entered the new development stage of ”adjusting structure, establishing characteristics, and reaching an upper level” in an effort to create a local university with national first-class teaching and research capacity. Practicing the operation strategy of “Establishing the university by quality, strengthening the university with talents, flourishing the university with culture, and governing the university according to law”, Dalian University is refining the discipline stream, transforming the development mode by taking the foothold in Dalian, serving Liaoning Province, and embracing the nation, and also trying to build a teaching and research based local university which is featured by modest scale, excellent quality, reasonable structure, obvious characteristics and outstanding advantages with some disciplines taking the lead in the province and first-class comprehensive capacity among domestic local higher education institutions.

In recent years, Dalian University has imported more than 500 high-level talents with doctoral degree from China and the rest of the world who have made outstanding contribution at their own teaching and research positions in our university. We welcome domestic and international excellent high-level talents to achieve their start-up dreams in Dalian University!

Research Fields

You are welcome to join in the following fields: computer communications, software engineering, mechanical manufacturing, architecture, civil engineering, chemistry, chemical manufacturing, human resources management, marketing, English linguistic literature, Japanese, pedagogy, tourism and hospitality, medicine, life science, Marxism studies, music, physical education, and fine arts, etc, and we will offer excellent treatment to those talents that we have attracted.

For domestic and overseas top talents, we will grant a settlement subsidy of RMB 2.4 million and offer a before-tax annual salary of RMB 800,000. In addition, we will also equip them laboratories (or studios), each of which will be provided with related equipment (facilities) procured as per related procedure, scientific research start-up fund necessary for research, subject building grant necessary for subject building, and the scientific research team. Moreover, these talents will be entitled to settlement subsidies offered by Dalian City and the development zone; for excellent talents of different levels, we will offer preferential policies of different grades; for domestic and overseas outstanding doctoral graduates, we will offer the settlement subsidy of RMB 200,000 and appropriate scientific research start-up fund.

Contact: Wang Dan Tel: 86-411-87403719 86-411-87403718


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