Recruiting Domestic and Foreign High-Level Talents

Shenyang University of Technology
China (CN)
November 23 2017
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Shenyang University of Technology Recruiting Domestic and Foreign High-Level Talents

Founded in 1949, Shenyang University of Technology is an engineering-based, multidisciplinary, research and application-oriented university encompassing engineering, science, economics, management, literature, laws, philosophy and arts.

1.            Recruiting Positions

1)            Academic Leader

Level 1: academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, tenured professor from high-level universities overseas.

Level 2: The following personnel aged 50 and younger:

Cheung Kong Scholar distinguished professor and chair professor of the Ministry of Education; winners of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund of the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC); Leaders of major projects of NSFC; chief scientists of "863" and "973" programs; national level candidates of the "New Century Talents Project"; candidates of the "New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan of the Ministry of Education"; personnel worked as a professor in any famous overseas university for more than 5 years and made special contribution to certain fields; other scholars with academic level equivalent or close to the academic level of the Cheung Kong Scholar distinguished professor.

Level 3: The following personnel aged 40 and younger:

Excellent overseas Chinese experts worked in famous overseas academic institution for more than 3 years and achieved outstanding performance; personnel worked in domestic high-level universities or enterprise or public institution and achieved important research result or well-recognized academic position in a certain field as well as title of professor or researcher.

The introduction of high-level talents will be mainly full-time introduction, which means that our university will employ the high-level talents as regular employees. Professor from famous foreign universities must work at our university for more than 9 months a year in order for him/her to be employed as a regular employee. For Level 1 and Level 2 talents which are urgently needed for our university's discipline construction and development yet can't be introduced via the full-time mode, the university can hire them as the "contract professor" and allow them to conduct scientific researches, undertake scientific and technological innovation projects and obtain innovation achievements as employees of Shenyang University of Technology; contract professors shall work at least 3 months a year in SUT.

Job responsibilities, employment objectives and minimum service life etc. of the introduced high-level talents shall be specified in the Introduction Contract (Agreement), unless otherwise specified in the Introduction Contract (Agreement), high-level talents introduced shall enjoy the same rights and bear the same duties as the personnel of the same positions.

2)            Young Doctors

45 years old and younger, qualified with our university's post requirements. Full-time employment is required.

2.            Compensation Package

The University offers one-off scientific research start-up fund and other corresponding working conditions for high-level talents introduced under the full-time mode; high-level talents introduced are also entitled to one-off settlement fee or housing, to be determined through negotiation when necessary.

3.            How to Apply

E-mail address:

Contact Person: Zhang Rui

Contact Number: 024-25496046

Mailing Address: Human Resource Management Service of SUT, No. 111, Shenliaoxilu Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenyang

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