Notice on The First TUST International Youth Haihe Forum

Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Tianjin (Province) (CN)
November 17 2017
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Haihe river is the blood vein of Tianjin and also the mother river of the city, which constitutes the largest river system of northern China. As one of China's seven major rivers, Haihe river collects hundreds of branch rivers and reaches out towards all directions of China. Hosted by Tianjin university of Science and Technology (TUST), the forum takes its name from Haihe river and acts as one of the main platform of the university to bring in talents. It is aimed to build a high-calibre platform of academic exchanges for outstanding young scholars who come from both home and abroad and belong to various study fields. The forum is also designed to focus on academic frontier and discuss hotspot research subjects, promoting academic exchanges and cooperation. The platforms of TUST, such as the national key discipline of "fermentation engineering", the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory on Metabolic Control Fermentation Technology, as well as the National Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety which is going through approval procedures, would provide a broader arena for the exchanges and development of talents belonging to various fields. The First TUST International Youth Haihe Forum will be held in Tianjin during December 27 to 29, 2017. TUST warmly welcome excellent young scholars from home and abroad to participate in the Forum and wish them to make their dreams come true here by ways of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

2.Qualifications of Application and Fields Covered:

Outstanding young scholars from home and abroad under the age of 40 and with certain achievements in the fields of natural sciences and engineering technology, economic management, and humanities and social sciences, and with considerable potentials for future development. 

The forum would center on the topics of talent requirements on national strategies, local development, and the team construction of high-level professional as well as the development of TUST characteristic disciplines with competitive advantage, which are mainly involved in the fields of Light Industry Technology and Engineering(Fermentation engineering, Pulp and Paper-making, Packaging and Printing), Food Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Ocean Science, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Art Design, Management, Economics, Finance, Law, Marxist Theory, Political Science, English, Japanese and other related fields.

3.Procedures of Application:

Young scholars who are intended to participate in the Forum should send their detailed CVs to the email address: or and we will contact you in time.

4.Deadline for On-line Application: December 15, 2017.


(1)December 26: Registration

(2)December 27-28: Academic reports and exchanges

6.Service Provision:

TUST will provide each invited scholar with an amount of up to RMB¥17000 to cover his/her actual expenses of round-trip travel, local transportation, accommodations and catering. And the University will provide accommodations and catering during the forum.


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