2017 High-level Scholars’ Recruitment of Qufu Normal University

I. The College

Qufu Normal University ,which is a key university of Shandong province, is built up in the hometown of Confucius, Qufu. Its new campus is in Rizhao, a beautiful coastal city. Now, the school has 7 post-doctoral programs, 5 doctoral disciplines in the first level, 31 doctoral disciplines in the second level, 6 national constructive bases of special discipline, 18 provincial key disciplines (7 special disciplines), 5 provincial key laboratory of colleges and universities, 2 provincial research base of strengthening the humanities and social sciences among universities, 2 Shandong Collaborative Innovation Center. Meanwhile, the Ministry of education, the State Sports General Administration, the Shandong provincial government has set up 7 provincial research bases in our school. Therefore, the school discipline platform and research conditions are excellent. In order to develop a high-level and innovative team of teachers, and enhance the development of the school, now the school is searching talents among the public.

II. Other Treatment

Treatment for double-doctor couples will be counted separately; double-doctor couples who are introduced in the same year (both of them are doctors and they are couples before registering) are young doctors in the second level or higher level, or one of them is in the first level and the other is in the third level. In that conditions, each of them can get additional 50 thousand yuan (pre-tax) living allowance.

As for young doctors overseas graduated in one of the top 200 colleges in the world or top 100 colleges in the annual list of global natural index, and young scholars work in postdoctoral research for two years or longer in above colleges and institutes, they could enjoy additional living allowance, 200 thousand yuan (pre-tax). Other overseas PhD or talents have two years and longer working experience in post-doctoral research institute overseas: a young doctor in the first level could get additional living allowance, 150 thousand yuan (pre-tax). Young doctors in the second could acquire extra living allowance, 100 thousand yuan (pre-tax), the third level, 60 thousand (pre-tax), and the forth level 40 thousand (pre-tax).

Young Ph.D whose major belongs to top 3 disciplines evaluated by the national Ministry of education or their Ph.D advisor (postdoctoral co supervisor) is an expert in the second level or the first level. Young doctors in the first level could get extra living allowance, 100 thousand yuan (pre-tax), the second level, 80 thousand (pre-tax), and the third level, 60 thousand (pre-tax), the forth level, 40 thousand (pre-tax).

As for doctors, vice-senior scholars or other greater talents come to recruitment of our school, their transport fees can be reimbursed, and accommodation during the interview can be arranged by the school.

After registering, young scholars in the first level without any temporary apartment to live arranged by school could enjoy rental compensation, 1 thousand yuan (gross). Others could enjoy 500 yuan (gross). If both the husband and the wife are eligible to get rental compensation, one of them get a half allowance. Rental allowance lasts no more than 1 year.

III. High-level Talent Declaration

Welcome all kinds of talents in our school to compete to be the second or third level talents of "Several-thousand -talent plan", "Yangtze River Scholar", "Taishan Scholars in Shandong" and so on. After successfully approved, scholars will enjoy the corresponding treatment, additional benefits, supporting facilities and other benefits can be discussed in details face to face.

IV.Contacts, Recruitment Procedures, Required Materials, etc.

Please refer to our (personnel department) the column “Announcement of Recruitment”on our home page to know more details about required documents of recruitment: http://rsc.qfnu.edu.cn/ , or contact to us directly by e-mail and telephone.

Address: Qufu Normal University personnel, No. 57, Jingxuan west street, Qufu.

Postal Code: 273165

Contact: Teacher Hao and Teacher Guo

Tel: 0537-4456206 4456483

Email: rsk6483@126.com

Qufu Normal University has relaxing work and beautiful and comfortable living environment. Nevertheless, the children can walk to kindergarten and the teachers can go shopping within 8 minutes. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign talents to join Qufu Normal University !

More details can be found in attached documents.

Annex 1: Summary table of high-level positions in recruitment of Qufu Normal University, 2017. (195)

Annex 2: Declaration of introduced talents in Qufu Normal University, 2017.