Project assistant in Biology

Lund University
October 23 2017
Life Sciences, Biology
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Project description

Planning and the execution of physiological and behavioural studies in birds with the goal to study the magnetic sense in birds. The work includes genetic and immunohistochemical studies of the avian retina, as well as behavioural experiments with bird in a labyrinth.

Required qualifications

To be considered, a Master's degree in Biology is required, extensive knowledge in genetic and immunohistochemical methods, including microscopy, to examine the presence of candidate magnetoreceptors in the avian retina, as well as practice in training zebra finches in a labyrinth.

In addition, the successful candidate needs to have good knowledge in the field of animal orientation and magnetoreception to be eligible for qualification. Personal suitability will be highly rated.



- Rachel Muheim, forskare, +46 46 222 31 93,

- My Geborek, personalsamordnare, +46 46 222 95 62,

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess