Jinan University Recruiting Members or Candidates of Thousand Young Talents Program

Jinan University(JNU) is one of China's "One Hundred Key Universities of 21st Century"(the “211 Project”) and is operated under the leadership of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council. As the first university established by the State for overseas Chinese students, JNU currently has the largest number of overseas and foreign students and is honored as the “top university for overseas Chinese”. In June 2015, the university was selected into the “High-level University Construction Program” by Guangdong provincial government. 

Disciplines Open for Recruitment

    Applied economics, theoretical economics, industrial economics, labor economics, regional economics, international economics and trade, statistics, finance, accounting, science of public management, psychology, tourism management, journalism and communication, law, intellectual property, Chinese language and literature (including Chinese language education), history, foreign languages and literature, translation studies, politics, international relations, overseas Chinese studies, marxist philosophy, physical education, science of Chinese materia medica, pharmacology, cytobiology, ecology, molecular genetics, biomedical engineering, biochemistry and molecular biology, immunology, CNS regeneration, virology, regenerative medicine, basic medicine, clinical medicine, integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, oral medicine, public health and preventive medicine, nursing, medical informatics, mechanics, architecture, information and communication engineering, electronic science and technology, cyberspace security, software engineering, mathematics,  environmental science and engineering, instrumental research, hydrology and water resources, physical geography, chemistry, materials science and engineering, food science and engineering, physics, new energy materials and devices, electrification and automation, Things of internet and logistics engineering, packaging engineering, optical fiber sensing and biophotonics, nanophotonics, etc. 

Basic Requirements

1. Members of the “Thousand Young Talents Program”.

2. Candidates of the “Thousand Young Talents Program” (candidates of the discipline of finance not included). Applicants should meet the following requirements:

    (1) Applicants whose research fields are in natural science and engineering technology should be under 40 years old (up to June.1, 2017, the same below);

    (2) Applicants should have acquired a doctoral degree, and have over three years’ overseas research and working experience (not including working experience abroad with employment relations remained in China);

    (3)Applicants should have a permanent teaching or research position in overseas universities, research institutions and enterprises of high prestige;

    (4) Generally, applicants should not have a full-time position in China at the time of application. However, if applicants are already holding a position in China, it should be less than one year that they returned from abroad;

    (5) Applicants should work full time in China once employed.

Package of Salary & Benefits

JNU will provide recruited members and candidates of “Thousand Young Talents Program” with a competitive package of salary and benefits based on the job position.

 1. For members of “Thousand Young Talents Program:

  (1)Salary: no less than ¥500,000 per year(pre-tax).

  (2)Supporting funds for research: ¥1,000,000-3,000,000.

  (3)Housing/settling allowance: no less than ¥2,000,000(pre-tax).

  (4)The recruited will be directly given the title of a senior professional post.

  (5)The recruited are privileged when recruiting PhD students, post-doctors and research assistants.

  (6)The university will provide the recruited with assistance in their children’s entry into kindergarten, primary school and middle school in Guangzhou.

  (7)Members will enjoy the one-stop service for high-level talents;

  (8)The recruited is entitled to a central finance subsidy of¥500,000 and a research fund ranging from ¥1,000,000 to ¥3,000,000, which, once ratified, will be allocated according to schedule. The Guangdong provincial finance will also grant the recruited a living allowance of ¥250,000 and a supportive fund of ¥500, 000.

 2. Candidates who have successfully passed the universitys interview can sign an employment contract of intent, and apply for the “Thousand Young Talents Program” membership in the name of Jinan University. Candidates who have entered into the defense session are entitled to the following salary and benefits:

  (1)Salary: no less than ¥400,000 per year(pre-tax).

  (2)Supporting funds for research: no less than¥1,000,000.

  (3)Housing/settling allowance: no less than ¥1,000,000(pre-tax).

  (4)Recruited members are privileged when recruiting PhD students and research assistants.

  (5)The university will provide the recruited with assistance in their children’s entry into kindergarten, primary school and middle school in Guangzhou.

  (6)If the recruited are selected into the “Thousand Young Talents Program”, they will be provided the same treatment as the full members can enjoy.

This advertisement is valid permanently. Electronic copies of your related materials are also required when applying. Please send them to the official email: otalents@jnu.edu.cn.

Contact Information

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     Tel: 0086-20-85227283 (fax available), 0086-20-85223525

     Contacts: Mr. Tong, Mr. Xu

     Email: otalents@jnu.edu.cn

     Address: No. 601, Huangpu Avenue West, Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC

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