Assistant Professor (without employment)

Department of physics, University of Rijeka
October 13 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Assistant Professor (without employment)

Applications are to be posted to:

Department of Physics, Univesity of Rijeka; Radmile Matejcic 2, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

- Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.

- Deadline for application submission is 30 days upon announcement of the call for applications in "Official Gazette ", i.e. 16/11/2017


Assistant Professor  (without employment) - one position for Assistant professor at the Department of Physics - University of Rijeka.

Requirements and conditions:

Persons of both sexes can apply on equal terms.

Beside meeting general employment requirements, applicants should satisfy the conditions prescribed by the Science and Higher Education Act (Official Gazette 123/03, 105/04, 174/04, 2/07 and Decision 46/07, 45/09, 63/11 and 101/14).

Applicants whose native language is not Croatian must submit the proof of proficiency in Croatian. The certificate of citizenship must also be submitted.

Candidates are obliged to submit the required documentation on a CD as well.

Please provide the following documents with your application:

1. A covering letter

Please include:

-The position title and reference number.

-A statement about why you should be considered as a suitable candidate for the position.

-The name and contact details (telephone and e-mail address) of one professional referee. It should be noted that referee might be contacted at the short-listing stage. As an applicant you should make a note in your application if this is not appropriate for you, due to confidentiality.

2. A document addressing the selection criteria

Please include:

-A specific statement addressing each selection criteria point. It is recommended that this document be a maximum of two pages.

3. Your curriculum vitae (or resume)

Please include:

-Your full name and address, qualifications, country of birth, citizenship and residency status, employment history, other relevant experience and major achievements.

-Include brief details of your research and professional scholarship (including list of publications and/or significant academic achievements) and, if relevant and available, teaching and teaching development and services to your current and past employers and community.

Key accountabilities:

  • Prepare materials relevant for Atmospheric Physics course on Undergraduate/Graduate Studies Programme PHYSICS of the Department of Physics, University of Rijeka. Atmospheric Physics can't exist without Atmospheric Chemistry and Engineering.

  • Prepare and deliver lectures on following topics: Atmospheric Thermodynamics. Atmospheric Chemistry. Cloud Microphysics. Radiative Transfer in Atmosphere. Atmospheric Dynamics. Weather System, The Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Climate Dynamics. Molecular spectra. Excited states of molecules. Modern applications of atomic and molecular physics in Environmental Science. Develop of devices for analysis of specific air pollutant (Engineering Review).

  • Evaluate and grade the student's assignments and papers.

  • Maintain regularly e-course Atmospheric Physics and Introduction to the Atmospheric Physics at e-learning system MERLIN, in order to advise and assist students.

Selection criteria:

  1. A PhD in Engineering Science, specifically Environmental Engineering.

  2. A track record of success in producing quality research outputs, including publications in peer-reviewed international research journals, in areas relevant to the course, specifically in Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry and analysis of air pollutants by using nuclear and atomic spectroscopy.

  3. Previous teaching experience to Undergraduate/Graduate students.

  4. Teamwork experience in research and professional project.

  5. Well-developed interpersonal skills.

  6. Well-developed modern teaching skills, senior advisor for teaching physics.

  7. Demonstrated high levels of written and oral communication skills in Croatian and English.

Research Field:

Conduct Physics Applied Research of interest to the Department of Physics, as follows:

  • Developing X-ray fluorescence (Laboratory for microanalysis) in Department of Physics

  • Quantitative analysis of particulate matter in the air by using atomic and nuclear analytical techniques (XRF, PIXE, PIGE, PESA, RBS)

  • Developing PIXE technique for analysis particulate matter of anthropogenic origin in the air

  • Developing PESA technique for analysis of hydrogen in the air

Career Stage:

Experienced researcher or 3-5 years (post-doc)

Research Profile:

Established Researcher (R3)

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