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Vrije Universiteit Brussel
October 13 2017
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Full Time
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The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has been a leading player in the Flemish Higher Education landscape for 40 years. The University numbers 12.000 students and together with its hospital - UZ Brussel - employs more than 6.000 people. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is the largest Dutch speaking employer in the capital.

Teaching and research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel are founded on the principle of unfettered inquiry to benefit the progress of mankind. This means rejecting dogmatic positions and guaranteeing the freedom to form opinions without interference; in this way the University aims to ensure the dispersal of the principle of unfettered inquiry throughout society.

The University is autonomous and democratically run. This means guaranteeing the exercise of the fundamental freedoms within the University, as well as the right of the University Community to participate in the decision making process and scrutiny of University policy.

The following form part of the University's mission:

  • the development, the communication and the application of a high level of academic education and scientific research, free from all preconceived ideas;

  • the translation of these ideals and knowledge into society in the spirit of social engagement;

  • the creation of a society in which everyone is capable of engaging in critical thinking.


Research area: Data Analytics

Teaching area: Statistics

  1. Research position in Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Laboratory within the Business Technology & Operations (BUTO) department at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School is looking for a highly motivated candidate with strong abilities and interest to perform research in the field of data analytics for carrying out a research project in close collaboration with a company, with the aim to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Applied Economics.

The topic of the research project concerns the development of a framework for integrating data analytics applications and the development of profit-driven data analytics to support customer relationship management, with the aim to optimize customer lifetime value, by analysing large amounts of structured customer interaction data, marketing campaign data and financial information. By integrating various types of analyses and predictions, the aim is to provide detailed and actionable insight and feedback for optimized managerial decision-making.

The candidate is expected to conceptually develop and implement these applications by analysing available real-life data in close collaboration with and at location of the involved company. The project will require a thorough study of analytical approaches as well as the specific field of application. Upon successful realization of the project, the candidate will dispose of a strong theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in applying and implementing analytics projects within a company setting.

The Data Analytics Laboratory is a vibrant research team of data scientists which actively engage in research projects with the industry for developing innovative business applications of Big Data Analytics. For more information, visit

  1. Teaching

- Teaching exercises related to the course Statistics II for economic sciences to bachelor students in Dutch.

- Supervising bachelor paper and master thesis projects.

The teaching assignment relates to the research project, and will allow the candidate to reinforce his/her background knowledge on basic statistical principles, underlying the more advanced data analytical approaches.

  1. Other

The candidate will have to assist in surveying the computer rooms (one evening per week, 18h-22h)

Place of employment: Brussels (VUB, campus Etterbeek).

For more information, please contact Wouter Verbeke:

+32 629 20 53 or

  • Holder of a master degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Business Engineering, Applied Economics, Applied Sciences or Sciences (e.g. Mathematics, Informatics, etc.);

  • Excellent written and spoken knowledge of Dutch and English;

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential;

  • The candidate is an enthusiastic teacher and a motivated researcher;

  • Strong quantitative and problem solving skills with a profound interest in business and management are recommended;

  • Knowledge of data analysis (statistics, analytics, machine learning);

  • Programming skills (e.g., R, Matlab, SAS, Python, Java).


As an employee of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel your days will be spent in a dynamic, diverse and multilingual environment. Both our campuses are set within green oases on the outskirts of the centre of the capital of Flanders, Belgium and Europe. This centre, with all its opportunities, is within your reach by public transport in under half an hour.


Depending on your experience and academic merits you will receive a salary on one of the pay scales laid down by the government. Hospitalisation cover and free use of public transport for travel to and from work are standard conditions of employment. If you would rather cycle to work, compensation is also available for that. Both campuses have extensive sporting facilities which are at your disposal and a nursery is within walking distance.

More information is available at under the heading ‘future employees'.

  • Planned starting date: 01/01/2018

  • Length of contract: 1 year, initially, extendable upon positive evaluation

  • Deadline for application: 30/11/2017

Applications can only be submitted online (via the website of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

All applications must at least include the following attachments:

  • A CV

  • A concise motivation of the reason for applying including relevant experience (research activities, study stays etc.)

  • A copy of the master degree

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