Researcher in analytical and radioactive chemistry

Lund University
October 13 2017
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Full Time
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Researcher: Chemical separation prior to analysis of radioactive substances

The Division of Nuclear Physics (DNPLU) is involved in both applied and fundamental nuclear physics research. DNPLU has a long-standing collaboration with Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö (MRPM), within several different research fields.

The Division of Nuclear Physics has several of ongoing projects in applied nuclear physics. One project concerns mapping of radioactive substances in the environment, and another project applies 14C-analysis in medical research. Within a few years, the most powerful spallation source in the world, the European Spallation Source (ESS), will be put in operation in Lund. MRPM and DNPLU are currently involved in a collaboration agreement with ESS, entitled “Monitoring of environmental radioactivity and radiation levels for ”Zero Point” assessment and contributions to ESS environmental monitoring plan”. One aim of this collaboration agreement is to establish the current levels of ionizing radiation and concentration of various radionuclides in the surroundings of ESS prior to start of operation of the facility. This is done in order to ensure that the ESS complies with the requirements of the Radiation Protection Authority in the future.

Job Assignment

The tasks mainly include, in collaboration with researchers at DNPLU, MRPM and ESS:

1) to implement and perform chemical separation that precede analysis of tritium in various environmental samples, and

2) to suggest chemical separation methods that must precede analysis of specific radionuclides that are expected to be produced in the ESS facility, and possibly released to the environment.

The tasks also include to assist in the project ”Stable isotope and radiocarbon analysis in breast cancer research”, the task of the employment will be

3) to perform extraction of DNA from human tissue according to existing protocols. The work is in cooperation with researchers at DNPLU, MRPM and other researchers at the Medical Faculty.

The work will be performed in Lund as well as Malmö.

Entry Requirements

The applicant must hold a doctoral degree in analytical chemistry or radiochemistry. Experience from development of environmentally friendly separation methods is a merit. Good knowledge of English is required, in speech as well as in writing.

Basis of Assessment

Profound knowledge in analytical chemistry is a requirement. Experience with experimental work with different chemical separation methods is also required. Experience in work in radiochemistry and with environmentally friendly separation methods is meritorious. Experience in working effectively in a team of researchers is also a prerequisite. Ability to independently follow timetables and deliver according to these are highly desirable qualifications.

Application Procedure

Applications must contain a covering letter in which applicants describe themselves and their particular research interests. Applications must also include a CV, a pdf copy of the doctoral thesis, a list of at least three references together with their contact details, and any other documents to which the applicant wishes to refer.


- Kristina Stenström, +46462227643

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