Professor of Cross-media Culture

University of Amsterdam
October 12 2017
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Full Time
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The Faculty of Humanities has a vacancy for Professor of Cross-media Culture.

Contemporary social and cultural practices - from personal friendships to political election campaigns, from education to commercial forms of entertainment - are shaped by a matrix of different media and by the continuous transformation of media forms and media technologies. While TV - with its reality shows, spectacular live events, and transmissions of global catastrophes as well as its continuing offer of imported and home-made fiction series and characteristic forms of storytelling, - is still of major importance, its impact changes as it is augmented and partly replaced by social media, mobile phones, and ‘second screens'. Therefore it is paramount to understand the specific aesthetic, social, political and economic dynamics of different media and the way in which content and user practices travel across these media, provoking new connections and modifications.

The professorship for Cross Media Culture is expected to stimulate and develop approaches from different disciplines, ranging from cultural studies to critical theory and from political economy to production studies. The professor is furthermore expected to actively participate in academic and public debates on the on-going transformation of media culture. The knowledge of the history and continuing relevance of film, radio and television will be the starting point to map the conceptual, social, and cultural changes that come with digital, mobile and social media.

The Chair in Cross-media culture is expected to cover, both in teaching and research, several of the following topics:

  • the transformation of critical media theory in the context of institutional and technological changes in media landscapes (e.g. discussions around creativity, materialism, ecology, convergence);

  • the changing role of media institutions, new forms of mediated politics, and the growing importance of social media, continual technological shifts in content production, circulation and transformation;

  • the changing relationship between modes of media production, media aesthetics, and user practices.

The professor is expected to contribute to interdisciplinary collaboration with the film and new media sections of the Media Studies department, to expanding teaching and research links with public partners (such as EYE, Beeld en Geluid, Stedelijk Museum, City of Amsterdam), to expanding opportunities for students in practice-based learning and to developing new research and teaching initiatives.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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