Data-manager and statistician

KU Leuven
October 12 2017
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Full Time
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For the Centre for Academic Teacher Training, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, we are looking for a The Center for Academic Teacher training belongs to the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. In addition to forming religious education teachers and managing the Thomas website for religious education, the Center for Academic Teacher Training performs high-level research into Catholic school identity in Flanders, Australia, the USA and elsewhere in the world. Particularly in Australia, we run a number of large-scale research projects under the common denominator: Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project (ECSIP). Within the ECSIP research team, headed by Prof. Dr. Didier Pollefeyt and research co-ordinator Drs. Jan Bouwens, you assume responsibility for data-management and the statistical analysis of survey data.

- Assisting the research team with the yearly acquisition of new research data via our survey website. Exporting, collating and cleaning up the new data, and appending it to the (existing) MS Access database.

- Setting up a new database system to store the expanding amount of ECSIP research data. For this task, extensive knowledge and experience of data storage technology is required.

- Assisting the research team with the calculation of research results and the mass-production of tables and graphs that visualise those results. Adding those tables and graphs to report templates.

- Performing an array of in-depth statistical analysis on the ECSIP data, using (and justifying) appropriate methods and techniques. Four clusters of 'meta-research questions': (1) Catholic identity in relation to diversity; (2) longitudinal analysis; (3) creating a typology of school profiles that accounts for observed differences; (4) exploring various specific topics. Describing and interpreting the findings in structured written research reports, in clear English. Orally presenting the findings to small or lange audiences via video-conference.

- Assisting the research team with the upcoming survey trials in the USA: data acquisition and management, statistical analysis, graph production and reporting.

- Assisting the research team with the development of a new, multi-variate 'Charism Scale'. Advice on the development of the typology, help with the survey design, performing statistical analysis on trial research data, and reporting on the findings.

- Keeping up-to-date various (electronic) files. Taking charge of efficient classification and information management.

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