Non local orders and topological phases in interacting fermionic systems - reserved to candidates...

Politecnico di Torino
October 12 2017
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The goal of the research is on the one hand the characterization of low temperature ordered phases of interacting fermionic systems by means of non-local order parameters, even in dimension greater that one. On the other hand, understanding the relationship between the non-vanishing of such orders and the presence of topological phases with non-trivial features, induced b y interaction. Indeed, the robustness with respect to perturbations of topological phases is well established, and the measurability of non-local order parameters by means of in-situ imaging in ultracold fermionic gases has been recently achieved.

The study will use both analytical techniques, such as bosonization; and numerical simulation techniques, such as density matrix renormalization group and quantum Monte Carlo.

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