Analysis techiniques and management of Large Data Bases - REF. 227/2017

Politecnico di Torino
October 12 2017
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Full Time
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The research will focus on the areas of data mining and data bases. In particular, it focuses on the study of algorithms for the search of information "hidden" stored in large data collections. The aim will be the study of new algorithms for efficiently carrying out the various mining activities, including extraction of association rules to study the correlation between the data, Extraction of information in order to perform a prediction (activities classification), the grouping of data with similar characteristics (clustering activity), the identification of anomalies (activities of identification of outliers) and the analysis of data flows (data streams, time series, data fusion). As regards the data bases, the research activity will include the definition of data structures in order to analyze and process large amounts of data, such as data warehouses and very large databases.

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