Post-doctoral - project H2MM

October 11 2017
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The Department of Mechanical Engineeringstyle='mso-spacerun:yes'>  - Roberval Laboratory - Chair for Computational Mechanics - at Université de Technologie de Compiègne is recruiting a post-doctoral researcher for its Heterogeneous2 Multiscale Method Computations (H2MM) project. H2MM involves building a new platform for predictive simulations in multi-physics, multi-scale applications. 


The successful applicant will participate in research in computational mechanics. 

Main activities

The main goal of the H2MM project is to create a new predictive simulation platform for multi-physics, multi-scale simulations. H2MM's originality lies in its reuse of legacy software developed and tested for the different components in these kinds of multi-physics, multi-scale problems that include fluid-structure interaction and thermodynamic-electromagnetic coupling. Software to be used: FEAP for Solid Mechanics, Open-FOAM for Fluid Mechanics, and GetDP for electromagnetism. Research will go beyond the purely computational aspects and also address the theoretical formulation, the optimal choice of discretization, and the algorithmic aspects for ensuring the stability of operator-split computations. 

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess