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Jagiellonian University in Krakow
October 11 2017
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Full Time
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We are looking for Postdoc who will be involved in a research project: “In quest of a more efficient quantum solar energy exploitation in energy downhill and uphill photocatalytic processes” carried out within the TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science.

The goal of the project is to elaborate various photocatalytic and hybrid photocatalytic/catalytic materials with significantly improved efficiencies of quantum solar energy utilization. The project assumes design and synthesis of new photocatalysts in various forms offering high efficiencies of oxidation of organic pollutants or high quantum yield of photon to chemical energy conversion. Targeted quantum yields for energy downhill reactions should exceed the value of one due to combination of photocatalytic and catalytic reactions. A variety of photoactive catalysts, including hierarchical photocatalytic/catalytic materials, photonic/photocatalytic hybrid materials, and defected materials with fine-tuned electronic properties will be designed and studied. The photocatalysts will be optimized towards their application in photocatalytic removal of pharmaceutically active compounds (antibiotics, hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs) from waters.


Postdoc will be involved in the realization of the three sub-projects:

2. Photonic materials for photocatalytic applications.

3. Defected materials in photocatalysis.

4. Downhill and uphill processes - towards applications.


    More details: www.fotokataliza.p

    This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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