Electrical Design Team Leader

October 11 2017
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Full Time
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Are you an experienced Electrical Engineer looking to lead the Section in charge of the electrical and integration studies for projects and works as well as the development of electrical engineering standards? Contribute your skills to the electrical infrastructure Group supplying CERN's accelerator complex and experiments. CERN, take part!



* As Electrical Design Team Leader, you will have the dual function of an experienced Electrical Engineer and a Manager.

You will:

* Interact with project managers and stakeholders to e stablish technical specifications, clarify requirements, establish workplans, negotiate priorities;

* Prepare and/or review the design documentation throughout the complete lifecycle of electrical equipment and systems for the technical activities undertaken (e.g. for projects and works);

* Lead the studies related to the evolution of CERN electrical network, including the modelling and simulations, and contribute in the identification of subsequent medium and long-term upgrade strategies;

* Develop and/or review design standards, quality assurance plans and working methods to ensure consistency and robustness across the design and 2D/3D integration activities managed by the Section;

* Ensure that all daily activities related to the HV protection relays installed on the electrical network are properly managed to maximize operational performance.

* Lead a team composed of qualified engineers and technicians;

* Structure the Section to ensure that the design activities are delivered in accordance with the requirements;

* Ensure that the technical solutions are optimised in terms of cost, efficiency, quality and workload for project, installation, operation and maintenance teams;

* Manage the financial resources of the Section;

* Represent the Section in managerial or technical meetings, working groups, task forces, projects and coordination meetings.

The experience and technical competencies required for this post is:

* Relevant experience in designing electrical networks;

* Proven skills in authoring technical documents and scientific reports;

* Relevant experience in Project Management;

* Leadership experience in an engineering environment would be an asset.

* Design of HV network & substations;

* Design of LV network & switchboard;

* Commissioni ng, maintenance & operation of electrical distribution systems: would be an asset;

* Knowledge of EU standards related to HV/LV electrical installations; (e.g. NF C 13-200, NF C 15-100 would be an asset);

* 3D integration CAD software;

* HV/LV electrical simulation (load flow simulation, short-circuit calculation┬┐) for equipment sizing and protection setting (ETAP, Power Factory, Trace Elec, etc.)

This vacancy will be filled as soon as possible, and applications should normally reach us no later than 01.11.2017.

We offer a limited-duration contract for a period of 5 years. Please visit our website for more information on eligibility and employment conditions.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess