Realization of a Consolidated Law on the laws on the Agreements and on the Ecclesiastical Institu...

Università LUM Jean Monnet
October 09 2017
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Full Time
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The law on the relationship of the religious confessions with the Public authority is contained only partially in the agreements (for the confessions, which has signed them) and they can easily be found in the “ius commune” legislation. On the other hand, we have in several cases some problems in the approach with the public administrators, who sometimes ignore the existence of special law and, then, do not facilitate, and sometimes even hinder, the effectiveness of the right of religious freedom. Hence the need and the usefulness of a research aimed at the drafting of an handbook (vademecum) for the public officials and the operators of the religious confessions in Italy, with or without agreements, in order to let the exercise of the religious freedoms easier.

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