Development and improvement of numerical topology optimization and non-linear crash simulations f...

October 09 2017
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The present research deals with the design of an innovative automotive chassis in view of car weight reduction and in view of safety requirements for a small series production.

A new methodology based on Finite Element approach and also Topology optimization should be performed to achieve the optimal solution for the chassis for the strauctural point of view.

In detail, the research will consist in five steps:

1. Evaluation of the static stiffness and of the crash performance (front and rear impact, seat belt anchorage loadcase) for an actual automotive chassis in aluminum that represents the reference model;

2. Design of a new chassis architecture in multi-materials by topology optimization. Definition of the topology design space and of the optimization constraints/objective according to reference model (see step 1);


This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess