Automated Vehicle real-life testing: data processing and impact assessment

KU Leuven
October 09 2017
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Full Time
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The Flemish government, Imec and KU Leuven are building a high tech test environment to support and test in real-life automated driving. The test site contains part of a highway [10-20 km E313 and a part of the ring of Antwerp R01] combined with a regional road [Turnhoutsebaan N12 towards the city centre of Antwerp]. These roads will be equipped with wireless communication (both 802.11p and LTE-V) and sensor technologies, supporting connected and automated vehicle applications like Highway Pilot and Truck Platooning. Because of the high traffic loads and congestion levels, high truck percentages and complex maneuvering inside the bottleneck sections, safe and efficient AV operation in this test site poses significant challenges. KU Leuven's role in this project is to determine conditions in which these so-called Level 3 automated driving systems (SAE, 2014) can be granted permission to operate fully automatically, or when hand-over to the driver is mandatory. In addition, traffic control strategies will be developed and tested that exploit the V2I communication to enhance integration of AV's in mixed traffic conditions, safety, and throughput in the critical bottleneck sections of the test site. Before, during, and after the field trials, detailed traffic, vehicle, and telecommunication data will be collected, allowing analyses and assessment of AV-applications in real-life mixed-traffic conditions in a wide variety of traffic densities.

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