PhD position: Modelling hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics in estuarine delta systems, with appl...

Utrecht University
October 09 2017
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Full Time
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This position is part of a joint research project, which involves two PhD’s (at Utrecht University and at East China Normal University, Shanghai) and one postdoc (University of Liverpool). The specific objectives of the project are to:

  1. determine tidal amplification, spatial distribution of flow and suspended sediment in the Yangtze estuary, both under natural processes and in response to human interventions;

  2. quantify turbulent mixing and sediment fluxes and to establish the thresholds for a potential regime shift of the delta system towards hyperturbidity;

  3. understand the physical mechanisms that determine both the natural behaviour and the response of hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics in the estuarine channels to different types of human activities;

  4. propose methods to reduce deposition of sediment in navigation channels and to manage the flood defence and fresh water supply of the Yangtze estuary.

You'll find a full description of the project here.

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The task of the PhD at Utrecht University concerns objective 3. For this, both analytical models (which in part need to be developed) and a numerical model will be used. Results will be compared with field data that are available or will be collected as part of the joint project.

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