KESS-funded PhD in Healthcare Sciences: Managing cancer treatment at home

Cardiff University
October 06 2017
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Full Time
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Research into the physical, emotional and social factors that influence adherence to oral cancer treatment in the home.

Project background

Cancer is a priority for the Welsh government. Increasingly complex and successful cancer treatments are available with more than 50% of people with cancer now surviving five years or longer. A growing number of people are receiving oral treatments in their home.

Little is known about cancer treatment management in the home. It requires the person with cancer, but often also a carer, to have knowledge, skill and confidence in medicines management. There is potential for medication errors and patients must understand the importance of adherence, if optimal treatment outcomes are to be achieved and toxicities minimised. If treatments are not taken as prescribed, they may not work. Poor adherence can result in increased healthcare costs if disease worsens requiring additional treatments.

There is potential for exploratory research to identify patients at risk for non-adherence and to develop understanding of factors that influence patient adherence. Knowledge that can then be used to develop tailored complex interventions to improve adherence in high risk populations. The potential impact of such research is improved survival and quality of life outcomes with associated cost savings for the NHS.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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