PhD: Methods & Algorithms for Predicting Sound Propagation in Complex Environments

Delft University of Technology
October 06 2017
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Full Time
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The present PhD research is focused on the development of numerical algorithms and tools for the prediction of acoustic propagation in complex environments. Two scenarios are initially targeted:
long-range noise propagation in a realistic atmosphere, taking into account both deterministic and stochastic wind/temperature conditions,
noise propagation in a realistic urban environment, taking into the effects of multiple reflections and diffractions.
The first scenario is relevant to the topic “digital aircraft noise certification and flight-test uncertainties”, whereas the second scenario is relevant to the topic “PAV and drone aeroacoustics”. The effective focus will depend on variable factors, including the candidate's attitude.
A specific aspect of the research is the coupling of the acoustic propagation tools with unsteady CFD datasets, both in the case of a conventional aircraft in take-off/landing conditions, and a PAV operated in urban areas.
The research has a numerical and theoretical nature.

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