PhD scholarship within environmental control of flowering and growth in ever-bearing strawberry c...

Norwegian University of Life Sciences
October 05 2017
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Full Time
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The Faculty of Biosciences, Department of Plant Sciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) has a vacant 3-year PhD-position related to ever-bearing strawberry cultivars.

The faculty has a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) - Foods of Norway. The faculty is responsible for bachelor- and master programs in Biology, Animal Science and Plant Science, and international master programs in Agroecology, Plant Science, Aquaculture, Animal Breeding Genetics and Feed Manufacturing Technology. The faculty is responsible for PhD programs in Animal Science and Aquaculture, and Plant Sciences. The faculty has 480 bachelor and master students, and 90 PhD students.

The faculty has approximately 220 employees of permanent and temporary scientific staff, including technicians and 18 administrative positions.

Research Project

The scholarship-project concerns fundamental and applied aspects of the physiological regulation of flowering and dormancy in ever-bearing strawberry cultivars to give a timely and large yield of a good berry quality in a Nordic climate. These genotypes may be of great importance in future Norwegian strawberry production, where increased cultivation in plastic tunnels is needed to secure good quality Norwegian strawberries in the market. The PhD student will take part, and be responsible for, experiments in plastic tunnels and climate chambers, using available analytic tools.

A project proposal to the Research Council of Norway (NFR) has been developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and companies from the berry industry, focusing on an increased and stable production of strawberries in plastic tunnels. Fertigation and climatic control of different strawberry reaction types and cultivars grown in plastic tunnels to control growth and development will be topics in the project. The PhD student will be a part of, and work closely together with the research team in this potential project.

The scholarship is within the Department of Plant Sciences at NMBU and the research group Food Crops.

Main tasks

  • Identify environmental control of flowering and growth processes in ever-bearing strawberry cultivars by: classical growth analysis technique and dissection, and assessment of floral developmental stages.

  • Realization of yield potential under field conditions by the use of pre-conditioned plants.

  • Develop an understanding of mechanisms of induction and release of winter dormancy in ever-bearing strawberry cultivars.

  • Document yield potential, assess and analyze fruit quality in newly released ever-bearing cultivars grown in plastic tunnels and open fields.

The successful candidate is expected to submit a plan for the work towards a PhD degree during the first 6 months, with an aim to complete the doctorate degree within the PhD scholarship period.

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