Building technologies in the Abruzzi Region between tradition and innovation: the effects of seis...

Università degli Studi
October 05 2017
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Full Time
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The object of the investigation is the process of growth of the building technologies in the Abruzzi Region, with specific reference to its contextual factors in history. The nature of these factors is manifold, as well as their interaction modes are diversified, in the relationship between the evolution of human, material and immaterial needs; in the same way the development of the building techniques is diversified. The territory of the Abruzzi Region is a significant field of investigation on this matter due to the recurrence of seismic events that have struck it in history. The large and concentrated construction activity has favored the interchange between different building cultures, let alone the experimentation of innovative techniques. This intersection of intellectual and technical knowledge, even from a different background, has found in the context specificity the catalyst that from time to time has mutually integrated them, even reinventing them.

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