Muscle activity changes of the upper and lower lip after Lip-Bumper treatment: measurements regis...

Università degli studi della Campania
October 05 2017
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__Since the '80 s, through Cetlin' studies, the treatment with Lip-Bumper (LB) has stimulated great interest in the clinical and professional orthodontic world. Many doubts arose about its use, mode of action and influence on the soft and hard tissues. Changes of the lower labial muscle activity after LB treatment was one of the most controversial topics. If muscle adaptation over the treatment period exists, a “new” equilibrium introduced by the LB should be established. The muscular activity levels should be similar than those before treatment without any appliance in place, exercising on the newly located teeth the same pre-treatment pressure - warranting a force equilibrium. This new equilibrium may provide stability of the dental arch at the new expanded arch position. However only a few studies have been conducted comparing pre- and post-treatment activity with and without the LB.

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