Effect of antiviral thiazolides on the ER-stress response

università degli studi di roma Tor Vergata - Dipartimento di Biologia
October 05 2017
Life Sciences, Biology
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Full Time
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Based on the recent discovery that thiazolides cause an alteration in the maturation of specific viral glycoproteins, this project will focus on the characterization of the molecular mechanisms involved in thiazolides antiviral activity at the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) level. In particular, the collaboration in the research activity will aim to clarify the effect of thiazolides on the ER-stress signaling and the role of ER-stress proteins in the maturation of influenza and parainfluenza virus glycoproteins. These processes will be analyzed by immunoprecipitation, Western Blot, PCR, immunofluorescence, and Proximity Ligation Assay (in situ PLA).

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