ENDOBAR: Development of a new bariatric endoscopic procedure

Università degli Studi di Padova
October 05 2017
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Full Time
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A novel endoscopic procedure is here proposed. A specific endoscopic band is positioned endoscopically and fixed endoluminally by anchoring systems. This provides a reduction of the gastric volume. The reliable definition of the technique requires a multi-disciplinary approach, accounting for skills from different scientific areas, including surgery and engineering. Physiological investigations are required to evaluate the reliability of the procedure accounting for information from the bioengineering area. Prototypes of the devices must be developed to experimentally investigate the reliability of surgical procedures. The action accounts for experimental surgery on animal models to provide experimental data about the reliability of tissue anchors and band, by the histological investigation of the tissues around the clips and the evaluation of the stomach conformation depending on anchor distribution and band tension

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