Call for Proposals for Admission to the PhD Program of the XXXIII Cycle - A.A. 2017-2018 - - Huma...

Università degli Studi
October 05 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The doctorate intends to address all sciences in the humanities sector: literary, linguistic, philological, psychopedagogical, and historical. Linguistic is expected

to deepen the research in the field of diachronic language (with references to the "external history" of language and sociolinguistics also in terms of

linguistic variation) and synchronous considering the structure of systems, cognitive principles to these underlying and principles governing

their communicative achievement; particular attention will be given to neurolinguistic studies, understood as a study of the neurobiological correlates that govern

the organization and transformation of linguistic systems.

On the psychological and philosophical level, the objective is to study the relationship between emotions, motivations and cognitive processes in normality and psychopathology.

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