Postdoctoral researcher in NMR spectroscopy

Uppsala University
October 04 2017
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Full Time
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We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher in organic chemistry, temporary position for two years.

This postdoctoral project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, aims at the development of small molecular metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitors. The specific task of the postdoctoral researcher will be the NMR spectroscopic investigation of protein-ligand interactions and the determination of the conformation of small flexible molecules free in solution and in their bound state as well as assignation of proteins. Being part of a larger collaborative project the postdoctoral researcher will be involved into discussions within a broad range of fields including medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, structural biology, computational and organic chemistry.

Qualifications: To be eligible to apply you must have a Ph.D. in organic  chemistry, pharmacy, physics or biology, or an exam which is judged comparable to a Swedish Ph.D. in organic chemistry, pharmacy, physics or biology  that was completed within three years of the application deadline. If you received your PhD earlier but special circumstances, prolonged periods of illness, parental leave, military service, union duties and others of similar character, exist you are also eligible to apply.

We seek a talented and open-minded candidate, who is eager to learn and has a genuine scientific interest. Extensive knowledge in and practical experience with solution NMR spectroscopy is mandatory.  Documented experience with multidimensional NMR spectroscopy, protein NMR, NMR-based conformational and ensemble analysis, paramagnetic NMR, extensive experience with NMR hardware and software (Bruker), and with computational molecular modeling are strong merits for this employment.

We emphasize the importance of personal suitability for this position. You need to be strongly motivated to carry out the work in the project and contribute by coming up with new creative ideas. This project requires that you are able to work independently and that you have excellent collaborative skills, as the project will occasionally require that you are able to cooperate with scientists from other universities. You also need to be proficient in oral and written English in order to be able to interact and communicate efficiently with collaborators, and publish internationally. It is important for us to keep our lab and instruments clean and organized, as a postdoctoral researcher in the group you need to be able to be a role model in that sense. You must be very organized and systematic in your work. As an experienced researcher you will be expected to co-supervise the work of younger scientists and thus you need to have the skills necessary to support young scientists and to actively contribute to a pleasant and productive work environment.

In this recruitment the university will only consider candidates who, after an overall assessment, show the top qualifications and personal characteristics to perform and develop the project tasks and contribute to a positive development of the group and its activities. Personal circumstances (for example parental leave) that are important for the validation of merits should also be described in the application.

Uppsala University strives to be an inclusive workplace that promotes equal opportunities and attracts qualified candidates who can contribute to the University's excellence and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community and from people of all backgrounds.

Pay: Individual salary

Starting: 01-11-2017 or as otherwise agreed.

Type of employment: Temporary position two years

Working hours: 100 %

For further information about the position please contact Mate Erdelyi (e-mail:, +46729999166). 

You are welcome to submit your application no later than the 22nd of October 2017, UFV-PA 2017/3204.

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